Minonk Townwide Garage Sale April 28
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• 4-22: Black Partridge DAR help students celebrate 200th birthday of Illinois
• 4-20: Update from the Capitol 4/20/2018
• 4-19: Fieldcrest Selects Construction Manager for School Building Project
• 4-19: Obituary:Tia Marie Cannon, 41
• 4-18: Fieldcrest Board of Education Agenda April 25
• 4-18: Obituary:Viola (Crone) Nelson, 103
• 4-16: City Hires Administrative Manager
• 4-16: Village-Aires Upcoming Concert
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• 4-20: Email:Spot available for Annual 9 Pin Bowling Tourney
• 4-19: Photos - White-winged Dove
• 4-19: Lost: Cat lost again
• 4-18: Email:Town Wide Garage Sale Reminder
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Herc Turns 90!

Minonk native Herc Paloumpis enjoyed a 90th birthday lunch with Dave Uphoff Friday at the Garden of Paradise restaurant in Bloomington. Herc's family ran the Princess Sweet Shop in Minonk from 1915 until 1976 and whose recipes are now used in some of the candy sold by The Minonk Chocolate Company.

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