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Emails for April 2018

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Town Wide Garage Sale Reminder

Just a reminder that the Town Wide Garage Sale is Saturday, April 28 from 8 am to 2 pm. If you want to participate please print out the attachment or pick up a form from Grosenbach's Grocery, The Sweet Shop, or Minonk Community Bank. Please return the form to me at 626 Locust Street or in the boxes at the locations listed. The deadline for filling out the form is Monday, April 23rd. After that time I will be emailing everyone a copy of the map of the sales and posting a copy on

The sales are advertised in the following papers: The Woodford County Journal, and the Woodford Star; Streator Times Press; Toluca Star Herald; El Paso Journal. Each and every ad has a date/time of the sale and that the sales are posted on this website for everyone to see.


Cathy McKay


I am still wondering why we are not thinking about putting the junior high on to the high school there is room. Also why move the high school if you are going to keep the by just figure out away to use the existing grounds and there no need for 30 acres. I think there needs to be more discussion

Teresa Cirks

Alvina Ford will be 100!!

Alvina Ford was a long time resident of Minonk before relocating to Wisconsin several years ago. She is still interested in Minonk people and happenings. Her highlight of the day is getting her mail.

In order to honor her century birthday on May 11, we would invite anyone to send her cards, letters, or photos. Her address is:

Alvina Ford
104 Lewis Street, Apartment 38
West Salem, WI

Karen Ford Vallow

Public Works Dept. Notice

Public Notice: The Public Works Department will be doing nuisance trapping at the walking trail starting April 1, 2018 until further notice. For your pet's safety, please keep them on a leash or do not take them to the walking trail until the traps have been removed. Signs will be posted at the entrance as a reminder for people wanting to walk at the walking trail.

Public Works Department

Spot available for Annual 9 Pin Bowling Tourney

There's 1 spot available for 4 pm Sat. April 21st if you'd like to get a 5 person team together to bowl in our Annual 9 Pin Bowling Tourney for St. Jude! Please message Sonja Frei asap to hold the spot. Even if you're not bowling, please come on up to Minonk Lanes tonight or tomorrow from 4 pm til around 9:30 pm to purchase chances for raffles and the 50/50! It all goes to a wonderful cause! Thanks for your support!

Sonja Frei

Comments on Trapping

I was just out for a walk on the nature trail, they are not doing any trapping to relocate anything. The city is trapping to kill. Plus I didn't notice any trap to get rid of the true nuisance, the geese. My question is they are trapping regulated fur bearer animals out of season. Did they get their special permit from DNR, just because it's a city trapping doesn't mean they can break the law.

Jack Stine

School article


I enjoyed reading your write up this morning, but I think one thing needs to be added. According to statistics from the Peoria Journal Star in regards to Midland school, we can build two small schools on our current properties less expensive and saving our current gyms. There would also be savings to the tax payer than one large school. This is a VERY IMPORTANT thing that needs to be in the article. The headline is a little misleading.

Sheila Healy

Editor reply: There was no intention to imply that it will cost more to build two buildings as compared to one. Thank you for the information.


What type of trapping is the city doing, are they using snare, spring or live traps are children at risk. This notice was really vague? Especially since a lot of people use this trail, that don't use the internet or Minonk talk

Chad Fallon

Edmund Johnson: I heard they are trapping Beaver up there. They are using live traps and relocating them. I've also heard there are a lot of skunks in that town also. If I ever went walking out there I would be worried that they would have a skunk in a beaver in the same trap.