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Emails for October 2017

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Minonk Parks & Rec Basketball 2017 | Sewer treatment plant clean up offer still on the table. | Sewer Plant Clean Up | Old Cars Photo History | Hydrant Flushing | Program Cancelled at the Library on Thursday | Hazel Vogel Celebrates 95th Birthday | Thank you for supporting 2nd Annual TwinPossible Scavenger Hunt | Sponsorship for Parade of Lights | What's in the 2018 GOP Budget Bill |

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Sewer treatment plant clean up offer still on the table.

Mary Francis and all residents of Minonk. The offer to clean up the concrete from the sewer treatment plant is still on the table. This is an opportunity for the City to save taxpayers money and work with a local business. I would ask all residence that are tired of this type of actions taken by the city to petition your council people and Mayor and let them know your position on these issues. They are elected to represent us the residents.

Justin Faulk

Justin Faulk

Old Cars Photo History

I have this picture, very old cars lined up. Does anyone have any idea where it was taken, maybe an event? It's on a post card. Click here for photo.


Diana Folkers Tidball

Program Cancelled at the Library on Thursday

The library program Writing About the Amish is cancelled for this Thursday, October 12, due to a death in the speaker's family. Mr. Eicher hopes to reschedule at a future date

Debra Blunier

Thank you for supporting 2nd Annual TwinPossible Scavenger Hunt

We want to thank everyone who participated in the 2nd Annual TwinPossible Scavenger Hunt. There were 11 teams competing to find various items along with hidden minions. The top three teams were: 1st place "Bob, Dave, Kevin, and Stuart", 2nd place "Twin It to Win It", and 3rd place "Small but Mighty". The three teams won cash prizes and graciously donated the money back.

The raffle items were also drawn at the scavenger hunt. Megan Lawrence won the Maui Jim sunglasses and Pam & John Travers won a certificate from Mennie Machine Company. Between the TwinPossible Scavenger Hunt and the raffle, $4,000 was raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and Aviation Angels of Hope.

We want to thank our Fieldcrest community sponsors for your support. Thank you for your continued support for St. Jude and all of the fundraising events held by our local St. Jude runners. Your support is making a difference in families with children fighting cancer.

Kimberly McKay

Sponsorship for Parade of Lights

If any families, organizations, companies, churches, school organizations, etc would like to be a part of the 34th Annual Minonk Parade of Lights please fill out the Sponsorship Form to be included on the parade information. We look forward to expanding the parade and hope for several decorated golf carts and rangers to also add to the parade this year!!

Click here for Sponsorship form.

Jordan Meyer

Minonk Parks & Rec Basketball 2017

Basketball registration is now underway. Forms can be found at Minonk City Hall, on the Minonk Parks & Rec Facebook page, or at All forms must be turned in to Minonk City Hall by November 13th. Checks are to be made out to Minonk Parks and Rec.

Libby Goodwin

Sewer Plant Clean Up

I am confused, just a year ago local business men offered to clean all the mess up for free, if the city would allow them to grind concretefor 2 days, now the city wants it's tax payers to spend $10K to clean this up. Right after they put a surcharge on everyone water bill? Either the city has money or they don't they need to stop wasting it.

Mary Francis

Michael Cave: Always easy to spend someone else's money...
Kirsten Waters: I agree with you Mary!
Jaime Greene Ruestman: Thanks Mary
Bethany Carey: Agreed

Hydrant Flushing

The Minonk Public Works Department will be flushing fire hydrants The week of October 16th

Cary Naas

Hazel Vogel Celebrates 95th Birthday

Hazel Vogel of Normal, formerly of rural Minonk, will celebrate her 95th birthday with family gatherings and a card shower. Hazel O'Brien was born Oct. 18, 1922, the seventh of nine children of Joseph and Lena (Kruse) O'Brien. One sister, Edith Brown of East Peoria, survives. Hazel married James Vogel in Benson in February of 1940. They farmed near Minonk for all or part of seven decades. He died four years ago. There are two sons, Steve (Mary) of Bloomington and Mark of St. Louis, seven grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. Hazel enjoys music, visiting with friends and relatives, and winning at bingo.

If you would like to send birthday wishes to Hazel as part of the card shower, send your birthday wishes to: Hazel Vogel, 1501 Mercy Creek Drive, #202, Normal, IL 61761.

Mark Vogel

What's in the 2018 GOP Budget Bill

What is included in the GOP budget plan:

$1T cut from Medicaid over 10 years - if you receive Medicaid insurance from Illinois, look for it to soon disappear.

$475B cut from Medicare - Those with Medicare can look for the insurance to slowly disappear over the next 10 years. The budget also leaves open Speaker Ryan's plan to replace current Medicare with his Voucher system. The difference is the voucher system will at minimum double the out of pocket costs to seniors such as premiums.

$660B cut from Housing aid and SNAP (Food Stamps) - Big cuts for these two programs.

$100B from Pell Grants - Got children going to college on Pell Grants? Not very much longer.

The earned income tax credit and child tax credit will be phased out over 10 years raising your taxes over the next 10 years.

Good summary of the cuts:

It's belt tightening time, people. Also, prepare to live without health insurance. Good luck.


Jim Anderson