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Emails for December 2017

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Historically Significant Buildings Should be Saved

First off, I really don't have a good reason to have an opinion about the location of the high school as I no longer live in Minonk. In fact, we no longer own any real estate in Illinois. That being said, several months ago I contacted the Fieldcrest Superintendent regarding the former Presbyterian Church. We worshipped there when we lived in Minonk and know the building well. I had read that the school had decided to raze the building as they could no longer afford to maintain it properly. (Although the most recent photos that I saw would cause one to wonder if they exercised any maintenance at all from when they assumed ownership.) I advised that we might have an interest in purchasing the Church with idea of restoring it, and then offering it to the community as a venue. (Weddings, concerts, etc.) He told me that he would have to have to run this past the Board and would advise. A few days afterwards I was advised that he had spoken to a Board Member and that the decision to demolish the building had been made and was final.

I now read where they are advocating obsoleting the high school as well. So while my interest in the Church has come and gone, it appears that the current Board has not developed a consistent, long-term plan relative to their assets. And worse, they do no keep their options open when discussing the potential reallocation of their real estate. The decision regarding the Church appears to have been made in a vacuum without regard to potential revenues and impact to the community.

The character and texture of a town is determined by its people, culture and buildings. In my view, tearing down historically significant structures should be a last resort, having exhausted all other options and possibilities.

Joe Limbaugh

Fieldcrest Seeking Main Office Secretary

Fieldcrest CUSD 6 is seeking a main office secretary for Fieldcrest High School. Interested parties may apply by December 6 at

Dr. Dan Oakley


Interesting, someone offered to buy the church and school said no, they want to tear it down. With this kind of waste why are they even asking the public for money to build a new school, they must have more than enough just throwing money away. Typical elected board in Illinois careless about tax payers, just keep sticking it to them. Waste, waste, waste, spend, spend, spend.

Jack Welch

Thanks to Christmas Parade Participants

THE MINONK BUSINESS ASSOCIATION would like to "Thank" everyone who helped make the 34th annual Christmas Parade a success. The large crowd enjoyed one of the biggest parades in the event's history. We would like to "Thank" everyone who made a donation, sponsored a float or entered a float of their own. We also want to "Thank" the City of Minonk workers for their efforts. A very special "Thanks" goes to Jon and Jordan Meyer for coordinating the parade again this year. Their energy and dedication helped make this an evening and a parade that everyone enjoyed. Thanks again, Jon and Jordan!

Minonk Business Association

Birthday Card Shower for Ruth Steinhilber

There will be a birthday card shower for Ruth Steinhilber. Her birthday is 12/7. cards can be mailed to 209 S. Main St. Apt B Flanagan, Il 61740.

Her family