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Emails for June 2019

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Looking for flags coach for JFL | Fieldcrest Online Registration Delayed to July 22 | 4th of July Activities for Sutton's Park Postponing until Friday night | Trash Schedule Change | Food Pantry not open on July 4th | Minonk Police Department | Police | Facebook comments on eliminating police force | Beware of Skunk on Nature Trail | The family of Adam Kingen | List of Items Not Accepted in City Clean Up Days | Looking for MDR T-shirts |

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Looking for flags coach for JFL

We are looking for a Head coach for the 2019 JFL Flag football team. You do not have o have a child playing to be the head coach, just need to have knowledge of the game. If interested Please contact Kari Crowley, Lanna Ruestman or Kasi Lutz

Kari Crowley

Fieldcrest Online Registration Delayed to July 22

The district is continuing to transition from the old student management program to School Insight/TeacherEase. It has become clear we need one more week for data cleaning and some new data entry in order for registration to go smoothly. As a result, online registration will not open until Monday, July 22, 2019.

Thank you for your understanding as we take these steps.

Dr. Daniel L Oakley, Superintendent
Dr. Kari Rockwell, Asst. Superintendent


4th of July Activities for Sutton's Park Postponed until Friday night

Hi, everyone. With the next storm coming in about 7:00, we are postponing all activities at Sutton's Park until tomorrow night . Please come out to see us tomorrow! We'll have the cupcake walk, Haack's concessions, Big on Blondes band, 50/50 drawing, and fireworks!

Hollie Kearfott

Trash Schedule Change

(This week only due to the 4th of July holiday)
Thursday pick up will shift to Friday.
Friday pick up will shift to Saturday.

Lisa Blanchard

Food Pantry not open on July 4th

The Minonk Food Pantry will NOT be open on July 4. We have changed the date to JULY 11 with the usual hours 12 Noon until 3 P.M. Have a safe Fourth of July celebration and we will see you on the 11th.

Lila McCulley

Minonk Police Department

I have purposely stayed uninvolved in city council affairs since leaving city hall 20-21 years ago, after I had served as mayor,city administrator and zoning board. I took my stand of being uninvolved so no one would accuse me of interference in city council affairs

However, this Police Department issue is a wake up call for me.
I have read a recent notice of a skunk being on the Nature Trail.

I think there is a skunk or skunks inside the city hall, it and may explain the why this action has been kept secret until after the act has been completed.

I think dissolving the police department has always been a "behind the scene" issue in varying degrees, even in my time of service to the city.
I do know the reason small communities, such as Minonk, has limited crime issues is because the perpetrators know there is a an immediate police service available.

In my years of service, we had only one 8 hour nightly shift schedule, and service for daytime emergencies were covered with our local officer call-out, paid at time and half, or call the county. I know in my time when it was necessary to asked for county service during the no duty hours schedule, we usually had to wait minimum 30 to 45 minutes before service arrived unless the county did happen to have a deputy in close proximity, a situation happened so very seldom. The vast majority of the time, the deputy was in the extreme west side of the county, and if occupied, we waited until he completed his current assignment.

It makes no difference where the police service comes from, a police officer can only be in one place at one time.

There is a real question here, How much value do you place on your safety and security? If you do not value it, then accept this catastrophe and move on.

I remember one comment made to me early in my years of service by a local resident. The statement he made to me " Minonk is a community with 70-80 years of tradition uninterrupted by progress" I have now lived in Minonk 49 plus years, and it appears I am witnessing no progress in our police service.

Dave Shirley

Linda Thacker: There have been very few times I've needed police service in the 31 years I've been here. But in those few times, I'm grateful that it was swift and efficient. Considering we have two schools in this community, and we are pretty much right off of I-39. I believe our police force should be continued. I can't be at the tomorrows meeting due to another commitment. But I agree this should be discussed, perhaps even voted on by the residents.
Edmund Johnson: Did you vote in the last city election
LaDena Wagner Livingston: Well said Dave !!!!!
Edmund Johnson: Do you realize the only thing changing is the color of uniforms
Stillwell Richard: Edmund Johnson are you suggesting that they will have some full time Woodford County Sheriffs officers station in Minonk? If so, where did this information come from? Otherwise, the response time issue still stands.
Edmund Johnson: Roanoke has a full time county deputy there to cover their contract
Timothy L Kuhlman: Edmund Johnson no they don't. Woodford covers certain shifts. They do some patrols and issue citations for city ordinance violations. There are a few deputies that live in Roanoke and I'm sure that helps. But would minonk have the same coverage?
Stillwell Richard: Out of curiosity, would you be supportive of a similar police arrangement in Wenona? If you lived in Minonk, you might feel differently about what is going on.
Edmund Johnson: We have part time police coverage in wenona and that's just fine with me
Tom Colgan: Typical small town politics . A small group take over the city and run it the way they want to . Most citizens don't pay any attention until their taxes go up or something that affects them happens . Citizens need to get involved . They need to go to meetings and voice their opinion . They need to encourage other people to run against the click that is in power and take over the situation . Sitting back and criticizing will not change a thing .
Russ McCulley: Lack of concern by some(me) as allowed several "clicks" & Clans to run this place as they please. Most of the time they do quite well; when things turn dark & garish, it puts the skunk to shame.
Lila Johnson Hammer: Dana also has part time police coverage,and it works just fine that I know of.
Linda Thacker: The size of the towns of Wenona and Dana are not the same as Minonk.


Has anyone done a comparison of city versus county expenses? When it comes to money, what is it worth to you to have police closer when it's an emergency and you need them?

Judy Olson

Facebook comments on eliminating police force

These are comments taken from the MinonkTalk Facebook web page on the Minonk City Council special meeting Tuesday night on transferring public safety duties to Woodford County.
Krista Ruestman: My only question is, if Minonk is contracting with Woodford County, will there be a Woodford County deputy in Minonk at all times? Other small towns that have done this has an actual deputy in the town at all times. Before everyone gets upset about this, this question should be answered first. I believe there should be a police department or a deputy in town at all times, but does it really matter if it's county or city if they are present?
Stephanie Fuchs: Krista Ruestman I couldn’t agree more. People seem to get so worked up about situations before they have all the facts. It’s not going to be an easy situation all the way around. I have a lot of respect for those who have taken the time to do the research and will have to vote based on what they feel is the best option. These city officials are elected by us. We need to trust that they have our best interest at heart.
Lisa L. Kellison: Well from previous personal experience, every time I had to call for help, every single time, the county showed up first anyway. And they were much more professional and effective, too.
Darren Swanson: I'm pretty sure one of the things Minonk was pushing for with the new school in Minonk was they were the only town with 24 hour police protection and it was a big issue for the minonk board members and community well that's in the past now
Dawn Huber Monti: How is this going to impact our high school and elementary school with Alice training and other emergencies?

Dustin Freeman:
Does Minonk have that much crime? No. Will it when county is 30 minutes out? Maybe. It's hard to know for sure. Do we want to risk it and wait forever if something bad happens? Nope. Saving money vs. saving your family or friends? That should be a no-brainer. When is the last time you saw a councilman go door to door and ask the opinions of the people in their ward? Isn't that their duty? To represent the people of their appointed district? But they never seem to care what the popular opinion is. Just their own.

Angie Moncelle:
It means they are contracting out to county for police service. Heard a couple weeks ago that they were considering doing this but didnt think the council would actually follow through with it ??

Josh Jones:
In all honesty does minonk have that much crime that we need what I would consider an over staffed police force? How many police cars do we have that need to be maintained? I see it as a huge savings to the city. If it doesn't work out then bring back the police dept. Maybe the city can give the area the police dept. Uses to the food pantry!

Melanie Olson Mills:
Not a good idea! From someone who had to wait 30 minutes for El Paso police officers to get here when I was in a domestic violence situation was way to long to suffer! If I was not able to escape my home, I would probably be dead now. We need police officers locally and in our town.

Kristie Miller:
Also means people will lose jobs because I know the woodford county is only planning on hiring four of them full time

Jan Sweet Hovey: Does it have anything to do with the guys wanting to join the union?

Teresa Cirks:
It takes effect July one

Tina Dunning:
What does this mean?


Beware of Skunk on Nature Trail

I was just 100 yds from the start of the trail by the wastewater plant when my dog got sprayed by a skunk yesterday June 18. It has a nest just a couple of feet off the mowed path. Just want to warn people. I was walking around noon when this happened.

Brad Rodseth

Terry Kalkwarf: Skunks on W 4th st too
Taylor Jo Retoff: Skunk also on short st getting in garbage cans
Shelly Compton Medley: Saw a raccoon walking down 6th street the other day too, I think the old Youngs building is full of wildlife!

The family of Adam Kingen

Our family would like to thank everyone for their kind words of condolences and sympathy, whether it was through prayers, visits, food or all around kindness. A wonderful man has left us and will be missed by all who knew him. Thank you again to all who helped, God bless you.
Louise Kingen and family

Louise Kingen

List of Items Not Accepted in City Clean Up Days

LaRose Disposal Service said the following items will not be accepted during the city clean up days June 21 and 22.

Here is a list of items that won't be allowed in the roll-offs:

1) Tires
2) Any electronics
3) Paint
4) Hazardous waste
5) Old oil or fuel
6) No yard waste

Car batteries will be taken but can not be put in the roll-offs we will take them separately.

City Admin Bill Moline

Looking for MDR T-shirts

I am reaching out because my dad, Bernie McNamara, was in the class of 1971. He passed in 2014 and I am putting together a quilt with some of his shirts. I am in search of some Minonk or MDR T-shirts from that era to incorporate and I am not sure where else to look. If anyone could help in anyway, I would be so appreciative. I can be contacted at Thank you!!

Kelley Kinsella