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Emails for November 2018

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Santa's Helper Program | Garbage Pick Up Schedule for Week of Nov. 18th | Country Florist Open House Nov. 20th | Minonk Chocolate Company Open House Nov. 20th | Do you wnat your taxes doubled? ** READ BEFORE YOU VOTE ** | Our Thanks | Vote for the future of Illinois | Response to Dave's election editorial | Send cards for PJ.'s 80th birthday |

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Santa's Helper Program

It's that time of year already! If you would like to sponsor or need to sign your child up for the local community Santa's Helper program please contact Amanda Whited

Amanda Whited

Country Florist Open House Nov. 20th

Celebrate the season at Country Florist on November 20th between 4 and 7 pm at 540 N. Chestnut in Minonk. Come and enjoy refreshments and 25% off any one item.


Do you wnat your taxes doubled? ** READ BEFORE YOU VOTE **

Everyone needs to read this before voting tomorrow. We don't need more taxes to drive out more people and businesses.

P McGuane

Vote for the future of Illinois

I just read you article regarding the upcoming election and totally agree with the overall premise - GET OUT AND VOTE!

In principle I also agree it's good to have a balance in our nation's government. If all three branches are controlled by one party, no matter which party that may be, it's not good.

I also think the end is oversimplified and implies all republicans support Trump and his policies. But I'll leave that debate for another day.

This editorial prompted me to voice my thoughts about the future of Illinois. Our state is bankrupt. It has one of the highest, if not the highest, property tax rates, in the nation. It is very unfriendly to businesses which bring good paying jobs.

In a bit of irony, the only way to change the future of Illinois is to do the exact opposite of what you say to do in the national election. To change the future of Illinois, people must vote republican so this party gains control of the Illinois House. Why?

Very simply put, the current Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, has held this position for roughly 35 years. If democrats retain control of the House, they will elect Madigan Speaker again. This politician has one of the best oiled political machines ever. He has way too much power and influence. And under his leadership as Speaker, Illinois has been is a consistent downward spiral.

The only way to remove Speaker Madigan is to ensure the republican party is the majority party in the House. Then we will have a new Speaker and hopefully, the future will become a bit brighter for Illinois residents.

Rich Luckey

Send cards for PJ.'s 80th birthday

My grandma PJ (Mrs. Ketchmark or Mrs. Ketchup, as many Kindergarteners called her) is turning 80 on Nov 12th. She loves receiving cards and studies them all for detail.

If you would like to send her a card on this milestone birthday, please send to:

Minonk Chocolate Co.
%PJ Ketchmark
551 N Chestnut St
Minonk, IL 61760

Knowing her, she will most definitely cry when she receives the cards from past friends, family and students! Thank you for making her 80th birthday extra special.

RIcky.Morgan Koehler

Garbage Pick Up Schedule for Week of Nov. 18th

The normal Thursday garbage pick up will be on Friday and the normal Friday pick up will be on Saturday for the City of Minonk.

Administrative Manager Bill Moline


Minonk Chocolate Company Open House Nov. 20th

Holiday Sweets Open House
Special Store Hours
Tuesday, November 20th: 9 am to 7 pm

Come in and see the 20+ "theme decorated" trees sponsored by local individuals. There will be an opportunity to buy raffle tickets to win a tree. Trees will be on display through the 35th Annual Minonk Parade of Lights (December 1st) with the drawing to follow.

We will be open all day on December 1st from 9 am to 7 pm. All proceeds from the trees will be donated to: Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run.

Christie Ruestman

Our Thanks

I want thank all of you for everything that you have done for my family in honor of my uncle Staff Sergeant Herbert Wayne Harms. Maybe it was back in 1944 when Grandpa received that telegram, that time afterwards, the celebration of his life and service on June 2, 1946 when Grandpa received his medals. Maybe you helped raise money for the stones with his name and that of 3 other young men lost in WWII, maybe you helped place them at the entrance of the Rutland School gymnasium, then move them to the old American Legion Hall on main street and now to the Veterans' Memorial on main street. You might have helped with building the Veteran's memorial that proudly displays the names of all the veterans from Rutland. Maybe you are member of the Rutland American Legion or Sons of the American Legion. You might be the wife, son or daughter whom helped with every funeral dinner, chicken dinner, sold poppies, set out flags and flowers at the cemetery. I know that there are others out there that have helped in your own little way.

You may have never known my Uncle but you were there along the way when we brought him home on November 1, 2018. You may have driven the firetruck or you own truck. You stood there with respect in the dark and cold of the night. Yes, you might have met with us the funeral home or at the cemetery on November 3, 2018. You stood by us at the Rutland Cemetery for the military services, you maybe even put in the first or last shovel of dirt in his grave. You were there in your own way! Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and love. I have been wanting to sing this song to everyone for a long time but I will let someone else do it better than me.

Beth Harms Miller, daughter of Ralph Harms


Response to Dave's election editorial

Voters need all the information they can get to make a wise decision. They should know that our liberal mainstream media has an extreme anti-Trump bias. This fact can be found in many places.

They should also know Trump's accomplishments so far. Browse this page. Click on any item for the story.

Jim Flynn