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24 Kimberly McGuane
25 Mike Zimmerman birthday
Adult Coloring and Coffee Feb. 25
Levi Harlan
27 Elsie Kline
Laura Wyss
Food for Fines now till March 1
Book Sale Special Drawing in February
Old MacDonald Storyhour for Preschoolers Feb. 27
28 Judy Kalkwarf
Food for Fines now till March 1
Book Sale Special Drawing in February
Weightloss Group Feb. 28
1 Loren and Linda Smith
Food for Fines now till March 1
Book Sale Special Drawing in February
2 Troy Ludwig
Michael Lee Newberry
3 Lucas Timmerman
Nancy Lohr
Sep. 3 Charlie McGuire
SAT Test After-School Practice Mon-Thurs in March
Adult Coloring and Coffee Mar. 4
Bill Hinkle
Monkeys PreK Story Hour Mar. 6
7 Lila & Russ McCulley
Paul Reichman
Weightloss Group Mar. 7
8 Bill Hinkle
March 8
9 Brittany Stimpert
St. Jude Bingo Night
10 J.J. Lindsay
Magin Judd
Alexis Newhall
11 Jaclyn Janssen
Ashley Haas
Adult Coloring and Coffee Mar. 11
Brand Ambassadors Mar. 11
12 Kaden Barth
Nancy Lohr
Music and Motion for Babies Mar. 12
Meet the Candidates Night
13 Joe Happach
14 Ashley Danbury
David Barth
Movie Chat March 14
Weightloss Group Mar. 14
Kenya Safari Travelogue March 14
15 Jessica L'Heureux
Carolee Bachman
16 Eric & Julie Aeschliman
Planning a Great Garden Mar. 16
St. Patrick\'s Corn Beef & Cabbage Festival
17 Drew Barth
Micheal Haas
18 Samantha Forrest
Pastor Swenson
Cathy Spencer Harmon
Adult Coloring and Coffee Mar. 18
Kenya Safari Travelogue March 18
19 Bob Schmitz
Larry Bearss
Auden Meierhofer
Scott Sharp
Book Club Mar. 19
20 Alyssa Tarmann
Kristin Weiland
Betty Griffith
21 Lacy Orabutt
Logan Weber
Weightloss Group Mar. 21
Wool Gathering Mar. 21
22 Jordan Lane
Jordan Lane
Spring Cardmaking March 23
24 Jordan Stalter
Kaylin Herron
Ashley Danbury
25 Ashley Lindley
Brad Kapraun
Adult Coloring and Coffee Mar. 25
26 Travis Stalter
Tanner Nodine
Music and Motion for Babies Mar. 26
27 John and Amanda Whited
Brady Veselack 2nd B-Day
Fay Lingle's Birthday
Melessa Meierhofer
Spring Kites PreK Story Hour March 27
2829 Doreen MCcurdy
Zack, Katelyn, Taylor Springer
Mackenzie Tallyn
Brian Schlueter
Amy DeLay
30 Katie Rients
3112 Courtney McGuane
Kurt Gerdes
Jalyn Skaggs-Tracy
3 Doreen McCurdy
Jayden Kalkwarf
Steve Barth
Matt Carr
Bryan Lane Bday
Russ Stine's Birthday
5 Kevin Lindley Sr.
lance spencer birthday
Shorty Glowacki
6 Clyde & Norma (Graack) Fisher
Madison McGough
Steve Valentine
Mark Baran