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26 Rob Teno
Gerry Manning
2728 Jerry & Fern Schlueter
Joyce Hock (Bennett)
29 Eldon & Dorothy Folkerts
craig & eric meyer 50th
August 29th, 2017
30 Olivia Orabutt
Finding Your Minonk Ancesters Online!Aug. 30
31 Ashlee Gustiatis
Aug. 31 GetReady for Labor Day at the Library!
1 Gary Gerdes
2 Emma Petri
Emma Petri
3 Chelsey Milashoski
Emma Fortner
Charlie McGuireBirthday
4 Zach Meyer
Randy Wilson
Mary FordSept 4
5 Nancy Cremer
Jacie & Callie Adolphson
6 Concert on the Lawn Sept. 6
7 Betty Tolan
8 Eric Olson
kevin peiffer
Infant Massage Class Sept. 8
9 Matthew McCulley
Quinn Marie Stokowski (2013)
Noah Micheal Pitcock
10 Terry & Jan Hovey
Diane May
Christy Kline
Mark and Kristen Amigoni
Adult Coloring Sept. 10
1112 Wes & Carrie Lindley
Kellee Knack
Dee Stimpert
Kevin Cannon
Kellee Knack
Kelly Murrah Birthday
Kim Sullivan
PreK Storyhour Sept. 12
13 Laurynne Hillenburg
timothy lindsay
Paige Crocker-Johnson
Movie Chat September 13
14 Brian Tull 09/14
Jaxon Kearfott
15 danielle goodrich
Donna Meierhofer
Russell Ruestman
Lana Stimpert
Last Day for Teacher Drawing Sept. 15
Minonk Town Wide Garage Sale
16 James & Heather Meyers
Eric & Vicki Olson's Wedding
Hayleigh Carroll #rd
Brad & Kylie Montgomery
17 Todd Stimpert - Birthday
Hannah Baker
William Warren
Adult Coloring Sept. 17
18 Jason & Marisa Buchanan
Kylie Rogers
Julie Meyer
Scott Brewer
Book Club Sept. 18
Kylie Rogers Montgomery
19 Ryan & Lacy Orabutt
20 Dick and Donna Meierhofer
Laura Hinthorne
Meet the Author: Reception and Reading Sept. 20
21 Liliana L'Heureux
9-21 Jim Richards Birthday
Autumn Cardmaking Sept. 21
22 Donnie & Brandy Turner
Bob Hakes
Christopher Brown
September Cardmaking Sept. 22
23 ella goodrich
Morgan Koehler
Stephanie Rodseth
Michelle Charlier
24 Dante Boyer
PreK Storyhour Sept. 24
Adult Coloring Sept. 24
25 Jack & Joan Fewell-Camdenton,Mo
Mike and Lisa Zimmerman
26 Crystal & Bill Cosby
David and Michelle Barth
Karolyn DeMay
Kristen Shelby
Kevin Charlier
27 Jennifer Murrah Birthday
Kayla Cosby
28 Tim & Jan Mc Kay
John & Marcia Kettwich 9/28
Patricia Jones
29 Parker Ruestman
Harvest Rest Cruise-In in Dana
Parker Ruestman
30 Jeri Sue Johnson
Marisa Buchanan
Pumpkin Patch in the Park
1 addison goodrich
Marjorie Cusac
Brianna Brown
ray cirks
Brianna Brown
2 Jason and Jodi Timmerman
Joey Buis
3 Karen Brewer
desiree hasty
4 Don & Janet Marshall's
5 Christal Jenkins
6 Darin Meierhofer
James Welch
Jim (Bubba) Welch
3rd Annual Bake Sale in Memory of Joey Buis