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New Fieldcrest School Board Sworn In

Monday, April 29, 2019 - Posted 8:23:48 PM

Three new members were sworn into the Fieldcrest Board of Education at Minonk Monday night. Jordan Meyer, Heather McKay and Joseph Stasell were the newly installed board members replacing Joe Kirkpatrick, Tim McNamara and Scott Hillenburg.

Mr. Hillenburg, who was on the board for 12 years, said during his tenure the school continued to remain financially solvent even though state funding declined and cited the excellent relationship the board had with the education association. He said it was a privilege and honor to serve.

Mr. Kirkpatrick, who was board president and served for 16 years, thanked his family and the public for their support.

Mr. McNamara, who served for 20 years, thanked Mr. Kirkpatrick and Mr. Hillenburg for their service. He said Fieldcrest is a very good school district and felt that he did what was best for the school district but not necessarily what was best for a community. He also thanked his wife for her support.

After the new board members were sworn in the board elected the new officers. Mykin Bernardi was elected president, Jordan Meyer vice-president and Heather McKay secretary.

Above is the new Fielcrest Board of Education. Front row left is Heather McKay, Elizabeth Palm, Kimberly McKay and Jordan Meyer. Back row left is Mykin Bernardi, Charles Lohr and Joseph Stasell.

At the beginning of the meeting, James Liner read a statement that encouraged the new board to adopt a plan B that he outlined in his address. He said the Wenona middle school should be closed and classes 6 through 8 should be moved to Toluca secondary and the 3rd grade moved from Toluca to Minonk primary school. He said this would save the school $14 million from not having to repair the Wenona middle school and will reduce labor and maintenance cost with fewer buildings to maintain. Mr. Liner also said cost estimates should be obtained from another engineering firm and bids should be obtained from more than one contractor before accepting a bid. A full text of Mr. Liner's address can be found in the email section at this link.

At the end of the session, board member Charles Lohr said this new board is going to take action and will not kick the can down the road. He said we are going to do some of the things Mr. Liner talked about.