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Minonk Businesses of the Past

Minonk had a great variety of businesses over the years. In the early 1900's Minonk's population was much greater than it is now. Some estimates say that there were up to 3000 people in Minonk at its peak. It was a little "city" in that it had ethnic diversity as well as industrial and commercial diversity. In addition to the coalmine, there were a brick and tile yard that was once considered one of the biggest in the nation; the Minonk Marble Works, the pathfinder Cigar factory, the O'Rourke Brothers' Cigar Factory, a clothespin factory, a thimble and glove factory, a horseradish factory, a sauerkraut factory, a bottling works and even a branch of the Schlitz Brewing Company.

As late as the 1950's Minonk had over 6 grocery stores and 5 auto dealers. To learn more about these businesses, click on the desired business shown in the column below. New listings will be continually added.