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• 7-7: Event: Minonk Community VBS
• 7-7: CIty Hires New Public Works Supervisor
• 7-2: Fund Raiser Set Up for July 4th Committee
• 7-2: City Council Agenda July 6
• 7-2: Minonk Community VBS Registration
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• 7-8: Photos - Flags on the Fourth
• 7-7: Email:City of Minonk Hiring
• 7-7: Email:Library Due Dates
• 7-4: Photos - Minonk July 4th 2020 Fireworks
• 7-2: Email:MDR Class of 1979 Reunion Cancelled
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- Elianna Grace Ludwig's2nd Bday! birthday
- Children s Summer Reading
- Adult Summer Reading prizes

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Flags on the Fourth

Above is a flag flown at the home of Paul and Mary Milashoski. For more photos, click here.

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