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Minonk Sports History

Like most small towns, local sports were and still are an important source of entertainment for the community as well as a means for socializing. In the earlier years every town had its own baseball team. Sunday ball games were played in cow pastures and empty lots. Every once in a while a barnstorming team would come through town to take on the local team. The local team would usually pay one of the best players from some other town to play for them. There also was some betting going on for those games.One of the best local players in the earlier 1900's was pitcher Alfred Ioerger from Woodford. At least once a year the Chicago American Giants with manager Rube Foster would pass through for a game. The all-negro team usually had no problem beating the locals and would always draw a huge crowd.

Later in the 20th century high school basketball games became a popular draw for the locals and is still Minonk's most popular sport. It was basketball that produced Minonk's best sports teams. Two teams stand out as the outstanding Minonk basketball teams of the 20th century. They are the Minonk Fans, a semi-pro team from the 1920's, and the 1948 Minonk High School team. Other sports teams will be continually added. To review a particular team, click on the desired team shown in the list to the right.

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Sports teams

  • Minonk Fans Basketball Team record for 1919-1922
  • Minonk Fans Basketball Team record for 1924-1929
  • 1909 Minonk H. S. basketball team
  • 1915 Minonk Sox baseball team
  • Minonk Fans 1920 Basketball Team
  • 1920's Minonk Fans Baseball team
  • Minonk H.S. 1918 Basketball Team
  • Minonk H.S. 1922 Basketball Team
  • 1929 Minonk High School Basketball
  • 1934 Minonk High School Basketball
  • 1945 Minonk High School Basketball
  • 1946 Minonk H. S. baseball team
  • 1946 Minonk town baseball team
  • 1948 Minonk High School Basketball
  • 1950 Minonk-Dana football team
  • 1953 Minonk Grade School basketball team
  • 1959 MDR High School Basketball