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Fieldcrest School District

The Fieldcrest school district serves the communities of Minonk, Toluca, Wenona, Dana and Rutland. The Fieldcrest high school is located in Minonk at the end of East Fifth street and Maple Avenue. Middle schools and grade schools are located in the individual communities. To learn more about the Fieldcrest school district go to http://www.unit6.org.

Fieldcrest Library

The Fieldcrest Libraries have a wish list of books. If you wish to donate a book(s) to the library, click here to view the list of books.

School History

Listed below are the predecessors to the Fieldcrest School District. Swiss Replica Watches
  • Minonk Community High School - to 1949
  • Minonk-Dana High School - 1949 to 1955
  • Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School - 1955 to 1992
  • Fieldcrest School District - 1992 to the present

The Minonk community was served by many one room country school houses up until 1949 when they were abolished. At one time there was a country school house every 2 miles in any direction.

To learn more about the history of the Minonk schools, click here.