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Mingers home

From the Minonk News-Dispatch, August 23, 1979

The Albert Mingers home was built between 1896-1898 at the site now occupied by the Heritage Manor Nursing Home at 201 Locust. It had the same floor plan as the other Mingers home built at the southeast corner of Locust and Fifth which is now used as the Victorian Oaks Bed and Breakfast. Albert Mingers was an associate of Mr. C. R. Danforth of the Minonk State Bank. Shortly after Mr. Danforth's death, Mr. Mingers retired and moved to Long Beach, CA where his descendants still live.

This home eventually became the site of the Woodord County TB Sanitarium. In 1953 Don Kirkton bought the home and started the Kirkton Nursing Home. In 1966 a new facility was built to the south of the old Mingers home and the patients were moved from the old home to the new facility which was called Minonk Manor. The Mingers home then became a shelter care and eventually closed. It was torn down in 1979 and eventually became the site of the present Simater Home for sheltered care.

The picture above shows rare deer that were kept in the pasture south of the Mingers house. The photo was taken in 1899.

On the left is Albert Mingers in his retirement years at his house in California.