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Editorial: Hold your nose when going to the polls on Tuesday

March 13, 2016   Editor: Dave Uphoff
This year's political campaign has turned into a circus highlighted by the bombastic and inflammatory remarks by Republican candidate Donald Trump. His ascendancy to the top of the polls has taken everyone by surprise, especially the Republican party establishment.

Mr. Trump's popularity has been fueled by the illegal immigration issue, the concern over the loss of middle class jobs and the xenophobic reaction to Muslims. His answer to these issues is to build a wall on the Mexican border, set up tariffs on imports and shut down the entry of Muslims into the country.

Experts on terrorism say his inflammatory remarks on Muslims has aided ISIS and other terrorists in their recruitment. Building a wall on the Mexican border is impractical and has infuriated the Mexican government whose help we need in stemming the flow of drugs across the border. His stance on increase tariffs will harm our economy, not help it.

Mr. Trump is an entertainer whose remarks are meant to appeal to the frustrations and fears of the American public. He does not provide any practical answers to issues other than to say "I will make America great again." He is totally unqualified to be our President and if elected will result in great peril to our country.

None of the other Republican candidates offer much either. Ted Cruz is beholden to the Tea Party whose influence is far greater than the numbers they represent and Marco Rubio is inexperienced. Only Ohio Governor John Kasich has a proven record in government.

The quality of the Republican candidates has been eroded due to the inordinate influence of its ultra-conservative wing whose mantra is limited government and a return to isolationism. This phenomenon has been fueled by the decline of middle class jobs and the rise in income inequality in our country.

There are no easy answers to these problems and the inflammatory oratory of the candidates to appease the voters is politics at its worse. Cooler heads must prevail in solving our nation's problems.

Republicans will have to hold their nose when they go to the polls on Tuesday. While it is important to vote, a vote for Donald Trump will ensure a Democratic victory in November and will accelerate the decline of the Republican Party.

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