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Fieldcrest Update on COVID-19 Crisis

Friday, April 24, 2020 - Posted 4:33:53 PM by Dr. Kari Rockwell

Fieldcrest Community Unit School District 6

1 Dornbush Drive, Minonk, IL 61760

309.432.2177 Phone/309.432.3377 Fax

Dr. Kari L. Rockwell, Superintendent

April 27, 2020

Hello Fieldcrest Family,

We've recently used words to describe this spring as unprecedented, challenging, and scary. For many students and staff this past week has been full of sadness. We've shed tears knowing our students won't return to us this school year and many Fieldcrest traditions won't happen in the normal format. It is important for our students and families to know, WE MISS YOU! We hope each of you is happy, healthy, and safe. If you need something, don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on our staff. Our mission to support our students may look different, but know we are always here for you!

Academic information

K-5: No Report Card will be sent home; Remote Learning Packets will run through May 22nd.

6-8: No additional work/new assignments will be given after Friday, May 8th. Students will have until May 26th to work with instructors and complete any Remote E-Learning assigned work to improve their grade.

    1. : Please see page 3 of this document for high school information.

      Student Personal Item Pickup/Chromebook Drop Off

      All students: Beginning the week of May 18th, student materials will be available for front door pickup at your student's school. Please pull up to the front of the buildings and someone will assist you. All student materials will be collected, placed in a "grocery" bag, and labeled for each student. Student Chromebooks should also be turned in at the time of personal item pickup.

      Some students may need to use their chromebook to complete the assigned school work through May 27th. Please coordinate the personal item pickup and chromebook drop-off for your convenience.

      Student Account Balances

      For senior students, please contact Ms Uphoff if you have a positive lunch balance or paid for a spring sport.

      For all other students, positive balances will be transferred to the next academic school year.

      Meal Distribution

      Meal distribution, delivery, and schedule remain the same for the remainder of the school year. A plan for summer meals available at the schools is currently in planning stages. Additional information will be shared in the next few weeks!

      Camps and Transition Visits

      At this time, all camps are on hold. Coaches/Sponsors will make an announcement later this summer if their camp will take place.

      For our students transitioning to 3rd grade and 6th grade, we will publish transition visit information later this summer. We know these visits are important to our students and families and will ease the stress that a change in school building may cause. Stay tuned for more info!

      8th Grade Students

      8th grade promotion will not take place in the normal fashion. We understand this is sad for our students and families! We hope to ease that sadness with a couple events to be planned for August, prior to the start of school. 8th grade awards will be given to students during personal item pickup and chromebook drop-off.

      Over the next couple weeks, Dr. Koudelka will gather pictures from students and families to create an 8th grade recognition video.Please send up to 5 pictures of you from childhood through now tokoudelka@unit6.orgby May 1st. Plus, please send any number of group pictures. Once the video is completed, we will send you a link to access the video. Make sure to put your name and 8th-grade pictures in the subject line of the email.

      A "last day" walkthrough, as well as a high school visit for the 8th grade class will be announced later this summer. We understand this is not the same as a promotion ceremony, but want to offer a chance to celebrate the end of middle school and the exciting transition to high school.

      More info to come based on state guidance!


      Graduation is scheduled for the evening of July 10th at the football field. Additional details to be announced soon. This date is pending state guidance on social distancing.

      Prom: Due to the governor's Thursday announcement which extends the stay-at-home order and social distancing requirements through May, Prom will be canceled. Mr. Lapp is in contact with the Post-Prom Committee. Pending state guidance, details will be announced at a later date.

      Sadly we must cancel Honor's Night. Senior honors will be recognized at graduation.

      9-12 Academic Information

      1. All grades will be posted to transcripts for credit purposes; however, no grade will be calculated to the GPA for the semester OR calculated into the cumulative historical GPA.

      2. Coursework:

        1. There will be NO semester Exams.

        2. No additional work/new assignments will be given after Friday, May 8th. Students will have until May 26th to work with instructors and complete any Remote E-Learning assigned work to improve their grade.

        3. College level coursework and Dual Credit courses will continue as directed by ICC and the instructor. Students should follow-up with their instructor to determine work and specific end dates to their courses.

        4. English III students building transitional English portfolios to be approved for any qualifying dual credit course in the fall MUST complete the portfolios by May 26th. Students should contact Mrs. Cope with questions.

      3. Seniors:

        1. All HS courses will be completed by May 1st. Students will have until May 26th to make up Remote E-Learning work to improve their grade.

        2. Dual credit courses will continue as directed by ICC and the instructor. Seniors should follow-up with their instructor to determine the remaining work and specific end dates to their courses.

      4. Communication:

        1. Staff will continue to make contact with All Students at least once during the week to check on the status of instruction as well as the health and safety of students through May 26th.

        2. Students working to improve their grades by completing work are asked to communicate with staff and continue to utilize Zoom conferencing as made available.

Take care,

Kari L. Rockwell