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Fieldcrest Update on COVID-19 Crisis - To Hold Parade

Wednesday, April 01, 2020 - Posted 9:22:52 AM by Dr. Kari Rockwell

Fieldcrest Superintendent Dr. Kari Rockwell has issued an update on the status of school activities in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis after Governor Pritzker announced he has extended school closing to April 30.

Dr. Rockwell said the school will continue forward with remote learning, engaging with students and with the food distribution program.

She said the school hallways are incredibly quiet. In order to say hello and share waves and smiles with students, a parade will be held through Minonk, Rutland, Dana, Wenona, and Toluca on Wednesday, April 8th. There will be no videoconferencing, Zoom meetings, or other meetings during parade times. R. Rockwell said she hopes students and families will come outside their homes as they travel through each of the communities. Make signs, ring bells, blow horns.

The times for the parade are approximate.

12:00-12:20pm Parade begins through the streets of Minonk
12:20-1:15pm Parade through Dana and Rutland
1:25-1:35pm Parade through the streets of Wenona
1:45-2:00pm Parade through the streets of Toluca

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