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Fieldcrest Board Approves Bid Package for Building Repair

Thursday, February 27, 2020 - Posted 4:15:09 PM

The Fieldcrest Board of Education approved the first bid package prepared by their architect firm, Basalay, Cary & Alstadt, to upgrade the school district's buildings to comply with Life/Safety requirements mandated by the State of Illinois. The bid package gave estimated repair costs for the middle school in Wenona to be $9,158,340 and estimated costs for the high school in Minonk to be $7,458.420 for a total of $16,616,760. This number is much less than the original quote of $24,805,260 given at last December's presentation by BCA. The difference is because there will be a second bid package submitted later to complete the upgrades.

The target start date for construction on both buildings is Spring of 2021 while the target completion date for both schools is winter of 2023.

Fieldcrest Superintendent Dr. Kari Rockwell said the start date at the high school for 2021 may have to be pushed back a week to allow construction to be completed at the school. She also mentioned that the City of Wenona has 6 inch water lines near the middle school that will facilitate the installation of a sprinkler system in the building.

The board also discussed whether to use a construction manager or a contractor in running the building project. Most board members felt that a construction manager would save the school money and also would allow the architectural firm to be more directly involved with the school during the project. However, no decision was made at the meeting.

Dr. Rockwell suggested the school have a Facilities Maintenance Plan in place so as to keep the school buildings from falling into disrepair. She mentioned $300,000 a year could be allocated for this purpose. Board member Charles Lohr suggested hiring a specific person to be responsible for doing maintenance work that is out of the realm of janitorial duties and have that person report directly to Dr. Rockwell.

In other business the board approved the purchase of three 40 HP utility tractors along with a snow blower, ballast box and pallet fork from Stoller International for $54,700. The cost for the 3 tractors was $94,500 but two tractors were traded in that were worth $47,000.

The board approved a low bid of $3209 by Tjaden Construction to repair the ceiling in the third floor of the middle school.

The following personnel submitted their resignations.

Megan Uphoff, Freshmen Volleyball Coach, effective for 20-21
Jennifer Roser, High School Special Education Teacher, effective for 20-21
Ryan Koehler, 7th grade basketball (boys) and Scholastic Bowl, effective for 20-21
Elizabeth Gravitt, Cafeteria Aide, effective immediately
Derek Schneeman, HS Social Studies and Head Varsity Football Coach, effective for 20-21
Jacob Wall, Intermediate Principal, effective June 30, 2020

Transportation Director,Tom Heidenreich, is retiring effective June 30, 2020.

Dr. Rockwell asked the board to consider increasing the pay rate for high school workers at sporting events by $10.  Currently, the rate for a ticket taker is $20 per game and a time keeper is $25 per game.

Dr. Rockwell asked the board to consider getting a service dog from Paws Giving Independence, an organization in Peoria that trains service dogs for disabled individuals.  She said the school could then provide the dog to those in need.  The biggest problem is to find an individual that would be willing to take care of the dog on an overnight status.