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City Council Has Abbreviated Session

Tuesday, February 04, 2020 - Posted 11:21:40 AM
The Minonk City Council had an abbreviated session Monday night with nothing on the agenda. City Administrator Bill Moline gave the following project updates.
  • City Hall is still receiving "All Call" information, so we will be working with the School District to build our Citywide communication tool. 341 phone numbers have been added so far.
  • Minonk Fire Department will be conducting a controlled burn around the nature trail once the weather allows. 
  • Tree care in town - PW employees will be attending a Free Urban Tree Workshop put on by U of I at end of February.
  • OSHA visit - The visit was just to make sure we were in compliance and ask for some information. Most of the information they are looking for was either provided during the visit or has been sent to them. We are finalizing a couple of procedural items they were looking for and will send them off when completed.
In council comments, Russell Ruestman asked the Adminstrator to try to determine how many trees in the city need to be removed.