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Janssen family picture

This picture was submitted by Diana Folkers Tidball who wanted someone to identify the people in this picture.

Sherry Lindeman of Florida wrote in to identify the people in this picture.

"I have the picture that was listed as a Folkert's family picture in some material compiled about ten years ago about the Janssen family. I think it was compiled by Carol Cirks.

According to the labeling on the picture I have it was taken at the Alje W. Janssen farm two and a half miles south of Minonk. ( It is the farm with the big brick house and I think is presently owned by a member of the Kleen family)."

"Those in the picture are (left to right) Louise Janssen, John Janssen, George Folkerts, a neighbor, Mrs. Anje (Anna) Timmerman Janssen, Anna Janssen, Hermina (Minnie) Janssen. Oldest daughter, Ida Janssen Cirks is not in the picture.

Mrs. Janssen was a sister of Henry Timmerman who lived a mile or so west of the Janssen home. Her mother Mrs. Timmerman, may have been a Folkers. The Folkerts lived a little further west on that same road.

Louise Janssen was never married and lived on the Janssen farm until she died in 1972. John Janssen also never married and passed away in 1940. Anna Janssen never married and passed away in 1941. Minnie Janssen passed away in the flu epidemic in 1918.

So the only surviving members of this Janssen family are members of the Dick Cirks family.

Louise, John, Anna, Minnie and Ida Cirks were my dad's cousins."

Sherry Janssen Lindeman