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Minonk People from the Past

Many people contributed to the growth and development of Minonk. Not only did Minonk become a prosperous because of its business leaders but also because of the many people such as the coal miners who labored long hard hours to make Minonk into an industrious community. Minonk's character was also shaped by its many people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds that set it apart from other small communities. As late as the 1950's Minonk had a 'cart wheeler' by the name of Libra Galli, affectionately referred to as "Galli". He would push his cart through the alleys of Minonk followed by his faithful yellow dog and pick up items discarded by the businesses. Then there was Bart Oleyneczck who lived on the west end of Eighth Street who would serenade Minonk every Sunday night during the summer with his Hawaiian steel guitar. Bart put his guitar amplifiers on his porch and proceeded to play everything from country to Hawaiian. The music was not only heard in Minonk but even by the farmers up to 3 miles away in the country. What made Minonk distinctive was its robust retail district. Long before shopping centers people from all over would come to Minonk to do their shopping. The men who ran these businesses made Minonk the social and commercial center for 20 miles in any direction. There were 6 car dealers at one time. Bert Goodwin ran the Ford garage, Gene Young ran Young's Chevrolet, Leiken Brothers had the Chrysler dealership, Ray Borens the Studebaker franchise, Walker Implement sold Buicks and Minonk Sales sold Pontiacs. Walter Hayes ran a drugstore in Minonk for over 43 years; J. W. VanDoren ran a jewelry story. C. R. Denson and his sons ran the Minonk News-Dispatch newspaper for over 65 years.

We will be adding short biographies of Minonk citizens continually. To look at a particular biography just click on the name shown under the column to the right.

Click on a name below to see their biography

Reuben P. Bell - early land owner
Hilda Bryson - champion rider
C. R. Denson - Newspaper publisher
Eugene (Doc) Hodgson - druggist
Dr. A. A. Johnson - dentist
Josiah Kerrick - businessman
Ann Kelly - Oldest Minonk Person
"Doc" Kettlehut - dentist
Gesche Kettwich - pioneer woman
John W. January - Civil War veteran
Sam Lockwood - Jane Pickard
Dean McCully - Farmer - Statesman
Dr. Homer Millard - doctor
Dr. Winfield Morrison - doctor
Jackson Parker - pioneer businessman
Alvah Parks - pioneer farmer
Henry Pfaffle - photographer
Pickard family - businessmen
John C. Ryan - postal worker
Babe Smith - electrician, philosopher
Bela M. Stoddard - pioneer farmer
Martha Swan - school teacher
Tena Tarman - Army Nurse Veteran
Bill Terry - Shoe Repair
The Weistart family
Dr. E. A. Wilcox - doctor
William VonBehren - farmer