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Emails for September 2011
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Free Girl's Toys | Re striping parking | Fieldcrest Marching Knights performing at Pontiac | Class of 1976 Reunion Reminder | Parade of Lights | SCAREDcrow!!!! | Response to Parade of Lights Fireworks | Fireworks for the Parade of Lights? | Name of unknown family photo solved | Gravel Road Between Cornfields | Garage sale - cancellation | 9/11/11 | Thank You To Minonk Firefighters | South end gang rides again | Minonk Garage Sale Reminder | Sweet Shoppe | MDR Class of 1971 Class Reunion |

Free Girl's Toys

We are cleaning out our girls' rooms. I will have tons of free toys. Give me a call to come and look through them. 432-3549

Rhonda White

Fieldcrest Marching Knights performing at Pontiac

The Fieldcrest Marching Knights will be performing this Saturday, September 24th at the Pontiac Indian Showdown at Pontiac High School. Come watch the Knights perform at 5:30!!

Christy Kline

Parade of Lights

A special thanks to Nick Petri for taking over as chairman of the Parade of Lights. I know that you and your crew will do an excellent job. MInonk and the surrounding communities have supported this annual event for 27 years. I know they will continue to support you in the coming years. Looking forward to the 28th Annual Parade of Lights. Again, Thanks.

Jack Jochums

Jack Jochums

Response to Parade of Lights Fireworks

I personally love the fireworks after the Parade of Lights..............there's something about fireworks in the winter that is very cool.

Joanie Miller

Name of unknown family photo solved


The unknown photo is of the John and Mary Ann (Braun) Schilz Family.
John is seated on the right. Mary Ann is seated at center.
Sons Michael, John L., Jacob, Anthon, Mathias and Loius.
Daughters Clara and Sophia.
There were 2 other sons (Peter and August) born after this photo was taken about 1888. The family lived near Rutland until John's death from a horse and wagon accident in Oct.1898. 2 sons (Peter age 1 and Louis age 11) died before John's death.

Clara married Patrick Grieser in Minonk and the mother and rest of the family moved to McCook, NE in 1898/1899.
The Griesers had 6 children, one was my Grandmother Emma Fischer.

Anthon returned to Minonk, farming 1 mile east of Minonk on first street having 1 daughter, Marcella Schilz.

Ted Hartzler

Garage sale - cancellation

The garage sale at 1035 Maple Avenue scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 17 has been postponed to a later day due to a death in the family.

Brandi Hofmann

Thank You To Minonk Firefighters

The Minonk Methodist Church would like to publicly thank the Minonk Firefighters for helping us with our Sunday school kick-off party on Sunday, Sept.11. They volunteered their time to come, with trucks, to talk to our kids about their work, show them the trucks & equipment, let them try on gear and turn on the lights and sirens! Our kick-off theme was "Heroes" and we were very thankful to have our own local heroes there with us!!

Barb Hahn

Minonk Garage Sale Reminder

Just a reminder that the Town Wide Garage Sale is Saturday, Sept 17th from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. If you want to participate please print out the attachment, or pick up a form from IGA or Minonk Community Bank. Please return the forms to me at 626 Locust Street or IGA or Minonk Community Bank. The deadline for filling out the form is Monday, September
12th. After that time I will be emailing every one a copy of the map of the sales.

The sales are advertised in the following papers: The Woodford County Journal and the Woodford Star (goes out to 18,000 people); Streator Times Press, Wenona Peach, Toluca Star Herald and the El Paso Journal. Each and every ad has the date / time of the sale and that the sales will be posted on this website for everyone to see.



Cathy McKay

MDR Class of 1971 Class Reunion

MDR Class of 1971 is having their 40th year class reunion on Saturday, Sept. 24th beginning at 6 pm at Capponi's Italian Restaurant in Toluca.

Cost is $20.00/person. Invitations have been mailed so please rsvp to Nancy Manning at the address on the invitation no later than September 9th

Nancy Manning

Re striping parking

Thank you for changing the angle of parking on main street, that was a real big pain in the back bumper!

Fred Baker

Class of 1976 Reunion Reminder

There is still time to register! The MDR Class of 1976 will be holding it's 35th reunion on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at Tall Oaks Country Club in Toluca. The dinner will be at 7:00 p.m. catered by Capponi's. Cost is $15.00 per person. cash bar at 6:30 p.m. And we are hosting a tailgate at the Minonk westside park on September 30th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Food will be provided from Avanti's to purchase for $5.00 per person: (1/2 gondola, chips, and soda).

Please R.S.V.P. Debra (Koch) Cruise at We hope to see you there!

Thank you!!

Debra Cruise


A lost scarecrow was found at Veterans Park, he followed Allie home and is sitting on our front porch for his owners. Stop by and pick him up any time from, now thru Halloween, after that he will then be adopted and placed on someone else's porch, next year. Have a great Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Shelby

Fireworks for the Parade of Lights?


I'm not sure if you have been contacted by Jack Jochums yet, but I am going to try and fill his shoes by overseeing the Parade of Lights. I have heard pro's and con's about the fireworks that night and I was wondering if you could (or would) put a poll on Minonk Talk and see what the residents think. With the state of the economy I know contributions will be down so I would like to know what the folks here in town (and elsewhere) think. Should we keep the fireworks or try and put the money to more floats?

Editor's note: If anyone has an opinion on the fireworks for the Parade of Lights, please let us know.

Nick Petri

Gravel Road Between Cornfields

The photo matches what I remember as views of the pre-harvest seasons from many years ago. Thanks!

Gerry Schmidt


Since this anniversary is upon us again, I would like to take time to thank our firemen, policemen, EMS, ESDA, and especially our soldiers for putting their lives in danger to save ours. Please thank someone that belongs in this group. You may not realize how much it means to them to be thanked for what they do.

Rhonda White

South end gang rides again

Dear Dave;
A few weeks ago, I read an email on Minonktalk from Emerson Burrell. I asked you to forward my email address to him and heard from him just a few days later. Last night, my wife Phyllis and I went to Minonk and had dinner with Emerson and his wife Betty, Don and Marcia Hartzler, and Ted and Donna Hartzler. All four of the guys lived within a 3 block radius when we were growing up on the far south end of Minonk.We moved to the north end of Minonk and Emerson moved to Florida in 1959. While I had run into Don and Ted rarely, I had not heard from or about Emerson for over 50 years.

We had a very nice 2 1/2 hour dinner. We talked about what we had done since growing up and remembered people we all knew as kids. Emerson and Betty live in Georgia, Don and Marcia in Washington, Phyllis and I in Chillicothe, and Ted and Donna in Minonk.

Emerson and I have some ties to each other. His dad, Bill Burrell built the house I lived in as a kid. That was the house just south of the south end tavern. His aunt Gladys Burrell was in my mom's class in high school. Emerson and his family lived across Walnut Street from my Grandma Bursott.

We had a very nice visit and by the end of the night, we all felt like old friends. I've attached a picture of the four guys. From left to right: Emerson Burrell, Don Hartzler, Ted Hartzler, Dave Hinkle.

Dave Hinkle

Sweet Shoppe

I'm very sad to see that the Sweet Shoppe has closed. Does anyone know what it going to happen with it?

Rhonda White