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Emails for May 2011
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Door to door sales people | Poker run/ Benefit for Mark "Fergie" Ferguson | 2nd Annual Cancer Ride in MInonk | Door-to-door salespeople in Rutland too | Congratulations Fieldcrest Students! | Rockin' and Runnin' Fundraiser | Door to door sales people | Door to Door Salespeople | Mom greatful for such caring and compassionate people! | Fieldcrest South Spring Program | Plato on War | Winner of Fieldcrest Throw | Dana Alumni Banquet May 28 | A "post" thankyou for all your history concerning MY HOME TOWN, Minonk |

Poker run/ Benefit for Mark "Fergie" Ferguson

Mark suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident. He has been off work while recovering. There will be a benefit held for him at the Minonk Lanes on July 16th.
Poker run will have 7 stops, first bike out at 11am, last bike in 6pm.
Food, raffles ect.
Proceeds will help Mark with monthly living expense and medical bills.
If you would like to help or have donations you would like to make please call the Minonk Lanes at 309-432-2737. Thank you, Beck

Becky Quick

Door-to-door salespeople in Rutland too

Yes Linda and Shelly, I've had problems with door-to-door salespeople lately. For the last month, people have been beating on doors in Rutland...they even follow you around the yard. I wonder if the same crew hits all the small towns? Yes, they are extremely pushy and refuse to take no for an answer. Case in point: on Tuesday evening, WELL after 8 pm, one young man came beating on my door in the middle of my son's party. It was VERY obvious an event was occurring as the driveway and street were full of cars. When told that we were having a family event, this man insisted on telling me about his product, even raising his voice and talking over me, trying to open my door to give me a brochure. I know that I told him at least four times that we were in the middle of a family event, please leave....he grabbed my door and opened it! It was at this point that I all cool and yelled "get lost," and went to slam the door. In a flash he put his foot in the door, so I turned to my son and told him to release my doberman (who my son was holding back from going down the stairs/out the door) and I snarled at the young man that if he did not leave immediately I'd let my dog eat him. THAT finally worked because he removed his foot from the door, however as I was slamming the door in his face, he still had the gall to say he would come back at another time. NUTS!!! I really don't like to have to resort to that sort of behavior to get someone to go away, and am angry that I even had to! For crying out loud, WHY do they have to be so pushy and rude!?!!?? I don't know what kind of training they go through to become a salesperson, but it sure does seem like they are brainwashed of all common sense!

Chris Jenkins

Rockin' and Runnin' Fundraiser

The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run is off to a running start! The Minonk to Peoria St. Jude runners, along with Petri's Pour House, will hold a rockin' fundraiser on Saturday, June 18th, 2011. The event will help raise funds for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.The event will start off at 3pm with registration for the bags tournament . Play for the tournament will begin at 4pm. Registration in advance will be $25, or the day of the tournament registration will be $30. Fliers and advance registration forms are available at local businesses. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners. Come on out for the tournament and enjoy good food, drinks, and live music while playing.

Even if you are not a bags player, come to Petri's and listen to great music! Starting at 6pm there will be live music from Psycho Billy Cadillac, Craig Gerdes, and Six String Mafia. The evening will also include 50/50s, raffles, drinks, and great food.

For additional information or questions about the bags tournament please contact Todd Cremer at For additional information or how you can help with the Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run, please contact Jason Timmerman at

The money raised will be presented to the hospital the evening of August 6th during the St. Jude telethon. Our goal for the Minonk to Peoria run is to show that even though we are a small community, we can do big things and make a difference in the lives of the children of St. Jude's!

Please come out and support this event. Look for us in the alley behind Petri's. We hope to see you there!

Jodi Timmerman

Door to Door Salespeople

I was under the impression that selling your wears door to door was not allowed here in Minonk. Please correct me if I am wrong. In the past month we have had 3 people selling stuff show up at our door. Carpet cleaning, Direct TV and cleaning supplies. I must say they were quite rude and pushy! They just wouldn't take no for an answer! Anyone else having these issues and what can we do to stop it.

Linda Judd

Fieldcrest South Spring Program

I just attended the Fieldcrest South Spring Concert in Minonk. It was plain to see the all the kids were happy and smiling. All were singing their best and having fun! Kudos, Mr Brown.

Peggy Koch

Winner of Fieldcrest Throw

The winner of the Fieldcrest Marching Knights Throw is Sheila Renken of Minonk.
Congrats Sheila and thank you for your support!!!

Christy Kline

A "post" thankyou for all your history concerning MY HOME TOWN, Minonk

I find that where ever I live or have llived I remember my early years in Minonk as those that fashioned my life and and how they provided me with the desire to never forget that Minonk and the People who lived and worked there as those who helped me fashion my life and who now, Jeri Lyn, Dave and Donna are bringing early Minonk back to life.

Albin Johnson

Door to door sales people

There needs to be some kind of check done on the "vendors" that are issued permits in this city, our recent "vendors" were ex-gang members trying to earn college credits (as was explained to me). I told them I was not interested in the product, and was shown a permit issued to them by the city. I had the same problem last year and notified the police department who advised they were allowed to sell door to door. My biggest problem is the checks they showed me from fellow neighbors who purchased there product. As they now have your account numbers and other information, please if your going to purchase products from ex gang members use cash. If they get rude call the police let them handle this. I just don't want these "vendors" to case my neighborhood for future "bad ideas".

Kelly Murrah

2nd Annual Cancer Ride in MInonk

Minonk Lanes is hosting the 2nd annual Cancer Ride in August.
We will post actual date in June. A reminder to those who have cancer in this area. There is an account with a balance at the Morton Community Bank in MInonk. These funds are for those in our community who are in need for assistance. For example do you need gas money to go to treatments? Do you need assistance on a utility bill? If you have any questions please call Ron Fortman. Thank you Becky Quick

Becky Quick

Congratulations Fieldcrest Students!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to All the Fieldcrest students who achieved High Honors and Honor Roll this year! We are all VERY proud of you! Keep up the good work. You ARE the future!! Also congratulations to the band, choir and drama departments! You all did a FANTASTIC job this year! We look forward to many more great things from you in the future!! I am proud to say I am a parent of an Honor Student!!!!

Linda Judd

Door to door sales people

I have also had the carpet cleaner and cleaning supplies, and yes they are very pushy, I pretty much had to close the door in their face to get them to leave! I am thinking about getting a no solicitation sign for my door, although I think they were a little intimidated by my dogs!

Shelly Medley

Mom greatful for such caring and compassionate people!

Hello all,
My name is Michelle Parker, mother of Jaclyn Marcella Mowrer who's life was tragicially taken in a car accident on Feb 16 2007 on rt 116.

I would personally like to thank the person or persons involved in cleaning up and maintaining the memorial accident site. Words cannot express how much it is appreciated by her family. I have not seen it, nor will I ever, but knowing that people take their time to take care of it is such a labor of love and it really warms my heart to hear of such caring, compassionate people that would do this.

Please, if you are reading this and should know this wonderful person (s) to tell them to read this, or to simply tell them of my thanks would be most appreciated!

Michelle Parker
Proud mom of Jaclyn Marcella Mowrer


Plato on War

Reading your editorial brought to mind a quote, attributed to Plato, on the wall at the Imperial War Museum in London -- "It is only the dead who have seen the end of war."

Marg Gardner Robertson

Dana Alumni Banquet May 28

The invitations to the banquet have been sent. If you are an alumni of Dana schools and haven't received your invitation, or are not an alumni but would like to join us at Capponi's for an evening of remembering the joys of small town life,please contact Carmon Paris at or 815-744-2160. The cost is $15 including tax and tip.

Carmon Paris