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Emails for May 2009
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Thanks | WHAT NO MORE 8TH GRADE GRADUATIONS? | 4th of July Parade Theme | House an eyesore on Chestnut Street | Need volunteers for meal preparation for stricken families | Thank you from Todd Hartzler family | Thanks for support | Update on Minonk Reunion in Branson |


Thanks for the revival of Minonktalk in all of it's glory. Those of us out-of-towners really missed the old site and do appreciate all of your time and effort in maintaining Minonktalk. Keep up the good work.
Jon Johnson
Buda, Texas
P.S. I know I speak for Art Kettelhut also.

Jon R Johnson

4th of July Parade Theme

I would like to know what the theme is for this year's 4th of July parade. My family and I will be in Minonk for the 4th this year and our 3-year-old daughter is eager to participate in the kiddie parade which means I need to be thinking about what I need to bring with me from Washington for her big debut in the parade!

You may e-mail me directly with any information:


Angela (Hartzler) Kirkendall

Angela (Hartzler) Kirkendall

Need volunteers for meal preparation for stricken families

I will be coordinating an effort to provide meals to all the Minonk families involved in the accident last week (Park, Meierhofer, and Palmore) as well as the Todd Hartzler family who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. I will begin scheduling evening meals on all Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the entire month of June. Meals are to be ready-to-eat and delivered directly to the homes of the families between 5:00 and 6:00p.

A representative from Toluca will be coordinating the effort for the Gensler family.

Please have volunteers contact me ASAP at 309-432-2044 or 309-824-8828 or email me at if they wish to provide a meal(s).

Thank You,
Tammy Sanders

Thanks for support

We would like to thank everyone for all the support and prayers for the girls. This is a great place to grow up and raise a family surrounded by so many kind hearts.

Thanks to all.

Dick, Donna, Derek and Darin Meierhofer


Rumor has it that there will be no more 8th grade graduations. This is wrong. Who makes this decision? Reasons that are through the grapevine are: Cost too much. For whom? These kids are celebrating an achievement that they have worked hard for. This is a special moment for THEM. I hope many parents and teachers jump on this bandwagon and express their disappointment and speak up for these kids. If you are worried about cost lets talk about lowering cost for the parents on extracurricular activities.

Those of us that are single parents still find a way for our children to participate in these events. WE BUDGET. If this proposal has some strong arguments then bring them out. Otherwise put it up to a vote.
We can still vote right?

Becky Quick

House an eyesore on Chestnut Street

I was wondering why no one is mowing the lawn or doing something about boarding up the house on Chestnut that caught fire a while back. It is really becoming an eyesore. I don't know who owns it but I would hope something gets done to it soon before someone gets hurt on the broken windows.

Lisa Zimmerman

Thank you from Todd Hartzler family

The family of Todd Hartzler would like to thank everyone for their continuous prayers, support, and heartfelt donations during this difficult time. The community support has been tremendous.

Thank you with sincere appreciation,
Todd Cindy Hartzler & family

Update on Minonk Reunion in Branson

Greetings everyone.

A note of explanation on the Branson letter, esp. the part regarding shows. It would be way too complicated for me - or anyone - to try to get an accurate ticket count for shows this far out. I am only suggesting some shows, not offering to get tickets for the group. Jim Ringe has suggested (and I agree) that we plan to meet in the breakfast room at our hotel around 8 each morning to make plans on what to do that day. There are SO MANY choices that I suspect we will split into groups for shows. Some that we might consider include the Buck Trent Show which offers either a breakfast or lunch performance. We might also consider spending a day at Silver Dollar City which is also packed with shows plus the craft area (and a section of rides, including a roller coaster). The veteran's parade is around 10 on the 11th. We can also decide each morning about evening dinner selections. Some that have been suggested are Landry's, and T. Bones.

If you would like to check out times and dates of shows, go to . Dinner shows, such as those on the Branson Belle Showboat are included. I am sure there will be all sorts of literature on restaurants that we can access in Branson.

Martha Owens