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Emails for April 2011
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firemans breakfast | T-Ball Registration | Reminder of the Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale | Nature Trail History | The new path to the Jumbo | Donna Eilts | Donna Eilts | Minonk Co-Op Preschool announces winners | Minonk Reunion in Las Vegas | Invasion of the Turkeys | Easter Egg Hunt in Minonk | Easter Egg Hunt | Easter Egg Hunt? |

T-Ball Registration

T-Ball registration occurred last Sunday. If you have missed the registration opportunity, you can still turn in forms, but it needs to be done quickly.

Go to and click on the "registration forms tab" at the top. Use either the instructional softball or baseball form as the T-Ball form is not currently working. There is a spot to mark for T-Ball. Fees are $25 for the first child, $20 for the second or if you have a child in a instructional level.

These can be turned into City Hall during business hours, or put in the City Hall drop box if after business hours. It would be great to have all the forms in by the end of the week.

Justin Gale

Nature Trail History

The new nature trail looks exciting. In my mind, I can still see the miners coming down the road after digging coal all day 500 feet below ground. Some would be walking carrying their lunch buckets. Others would rent riding space in the few cars owned by other miners. Four would rent seats inside the car. Three sat in the back seat and one in the front passenger seat. These were the premium spots, especially when snowing and raining, and demanded the highest fees. Two miners stood on each running board located on the sides of the car. They payed less and of course endured the full force of snow, sun, rain, sleet, and wind. The cars of that day had distinctive front fenders with lights mounted on the fenders. The fenders were rented also. A miner would straddle each light sitting on the fender. Up to eleven men including the driver could be riding in one car. This procession would generally let the men off at the Sutton gas station which was located just south of what is now the Tjaden building on north Chestnut street. That's where my brother Jerry and I would meet our dad to walk home with him.

Be sure to thank the mayor and council for saving this strip of Minonk history and the City workers for bringing the Trail back to its former self.

Also, take your kids on a walk and explain how this Trail represents the sweat and even blood of former generations that made Minonk history.

Barth Weistart

Donna Eilts

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much the beautiful write up on my mom, Donna.
She battled her cancer and handled herself quite well with her illness. She . was a true testimony to me and I hope an inspiration to others. She is deeply missed and was loved very much by her family and friends.


Arlene (Eilts) Stricker

Minonk Co-Op Preschool announces winners

The Minonk Co-Op Preschool would like to thank everyone who came out to support the annual Spring Fling fundraiser. This year's event was held at City Hall on Saturday, March 5th. The following is a list of all of the companies who participated and the raffle winners:

Tastefully Simple, basket 1 - Fran Allen
Kristine's Shower - Christine Cunningham
Pampered Chef - Lynne Petersen
Norwex - Melessa Meierhoffer
Mary Kay - Christine Cunningham
Cookie Lee - Libby Freeman
Scentsy - Libby Freeman
Fay Lingle Afghan's and more - Tina Griffin
Usborne Books - Jen Hoehn
Tastefully Simple, basket 2 - Lynne Petersen
Sister's 2 Quilting - Sherrie Baker
Party Lite - Stefanie Freeman
Miche Bags - Lynne Petersen
Celebrating Home - Linda Griffin
My Sweet Baby Jane - Gloria Ehrnthaller
Discovery Toys - Gloria Ehrnthaller
At Home America - Tina Janke
Homemade Gourmet - Fran Allen
Thirty-one Gifts - Ashlyn May
Dove Chocolate Discoveries - Christy Torres
Silpada - Shawna May

Christine Cunningham

Invasion of the Turkeys

I found a wild turkey in my garage this am. It took awhile to get out but it finally did and boy did it run fast to get a way.

Rhonda White

Easter Egg Hunt

The Minonk Knights of Columbus will hold an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at St. Patrick's Parish Hall. The Hunt will start at 10 a.m. If you plan on attending, please come 10-15 minutes early so the kids can be arranged in their age groups. Prizes, cookies and Kool-aid will be served in the hall following the hunt. Bring your Easter Baskets to put all the goodies in. Hope to see you there, it's alot of fun to see the kids run around and collect their candy.

Barb Petri

firemans breakfast

Does anyone know who won the 50-50 drawing, or any thing the was raffeled off at the breakfast? Thank's fred.

fred baker

Reminder of the Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale

Just a reminder that the town-wide garage sale is being planned for Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. If anyone is interested in participating in the Town-Wide Garage Sale sign up forms are available at Pop's Sweet Shop, or here at

To have your sale advertised in the map you must fill out the form with the $4 for advertising, etc and return both to Cathy McKay, 626 Locust, Minonk.

The final garage sale map will be available at Pop's Sweet Shop garage sale participants and will be posted on

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Cathy McKay.

Cathy McKay

The new path to the Jumbo

I think this is great and talk about bringing back memories. We use to love to ride our bikes to "the Jumbo" and climb it. I can't wait to come back "home" for a visit and walk that path. I hope everyone takes advantage of it.

Barbara "Lambert" Pitcock

Donna Eilts

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for the beautiful write up on my mother, Donna Eilts.
Our family was truly blessed to have her in our lives and we are glad she was a part of Minonk History. She really enjoyed researching and finding nostalgic information on the town.


Arlene (Eilts) Stricker

Minonk Reunion in Las Vegas

This is a reminder that the Minonk Reunion Group is spending a few days in Las Vegas next month. We will be staying at the Monte Carlo on the Strip for three nights beginning May 23. If you can join us, please contact the hotel at 1-888-529-4828 or go to their web site (just search Monte Carlo Las Vegas and you will find it). Several good shows are in town (i.e. Phantom o the Opera and Lion King plus others), Hoover Dam is close by for tours, there are lots of hotels to explore, and more. Please let me know if you are planning to be there so that I can include you in our dinner plans.

Martha Eikenmeyer Owens
( or call 760-340-1351


Easter Egg Hunt in Minonk

I have seen flyers at Casey's advertising Easter egg hunt(s) in Minonk. There is one at Heritage Mannor, and I can not remember where the other one is. - The flyer was still up this morning (04/08/2011).

Richard S.

Easter Egg Hunt?

Hi Dave, do you know if there is an Easter egg hunt in Minonk this year? I haven't seen anything around town recently. Thanks.

John Cannon

Editor's reply: I don't know of any plan's for an Easter egg hunt. Does anyone else know?