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Emails for April 2010
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Re: Oil & Chip Gravel | Oil and Chip gravel | Track questions | Reminder of the Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale | Millenium Track | Visions Video Going out of Business | The "Leaning" Tower | Illinois Veterans Bonus Payment | Timmerman Water Tower | 8th Grade Laptop Raffle |

Re: Oil & Chip Gravel

I think one of the issues with the oil & chip gravel application is the time of year the repairs are done. If this mixture was applied mid-summer at the hottest time of the year, the heat would do a great deal of the work in the repair.

As to your issue - yes, N. Washington is dusty because of the gravel. I think late application is a bigger issue than the type of gravel.

B. Hofmann

Track questions

Jackie, the city doesn't own Millenium Park, but I do the know that the committee in charge of the park is looking into putting markers along the track. I am not sure when it will be done.

Christine Cunningham

Millenium Track

After speaking to many local residents, we have not been able to come to a concrete answer to how long the track at Millenium Park really is. We often walk or rollerblade out there, and would like to know how far it is. Has the city ever thought about getting a sign that says 1 time around = however far. 2 times around = however far, and so on?

Thank you!

Jackie Masters

The "Leaning" Tower

I recently purchased a photo at an Art Fair in St. Louis, MO of the "Leaning Tower" after being in Minonk for the funeral of Marifrances Butera. The photo was taken by Dylan Punke of Bloomington. Something about the photo intrigued me. You can see the photo on his website.
It was so uplifting to see that the tower was resurrected. Nice Work!

Mark Asinger
St Louis, MO

Timmerman Water Tower


Thanks for the update pictures relating to the Timmerman water tower. Having lived just a mile down the road in my youth, I had watched the homestead and water tower slowly decay. For the past 25 annual treks from NC to my mother's rural Minonk homestead, the natural process of decay continued at the Timmerman site. I had always thought the tower was destroyed by wind or bulldozer. I am happy to hear it has been repaired and is bringing joy to another proud owner.

Thanks again for the MinonkTalk site. I check your great site several times a week for updates. Have a blessed day.


Tony Kleen

Oil and Chip gravel

On the oil & chip application to repair streets, PLEASE,PLEASE, don't use the same kind gravel they used on north Washington st. The dust is still real bad, been a year soon, still got lot of dust, also got several fast drivers, who are not helping the cause.

The brick streets might be rough, but they don't have the dust we got!

Fred Baker

Reminder of the Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale

Just a reminder that the town-wide garage sale is being planned for Saturday, April 24, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. If anyone is interested in participating in the Town-Wide Garage Sale sign up forms are available at Pop's Sweet Shop, or here at

To have your sale advertised in the map you must fill out the form with the $4 for advertising, etc and return both to Cathy McKay, 626 Locust, Minonk. (The forms can be dropped off at my house or at Pop's Sweet Shop). The garage sale forms are due by Monday the 19th

The final garage sale map will be available at Pop's Sweet Shop, Casey's, garage sale participants and will be posted on If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Cathy McKay.

Cathy McKay

Visions Video Going out of Business

After owning Visions Video for the past 8 1/2 years my family and I have decided to close the store. April 10th was the last day of business. We have enjoyed serving the community and thank all that have supported the business over the years. We are having a going out of business sale on Friday April 23rd from 4pm to 8pm and Saturday April 24th from 8am to 5pm. Items for sale include: X-Box 360, Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii games, DVD and Blu-Ray movies, commercial disc repair machine, copy machine, printer, video surveillance equipment, DVD cases and much more. Everything must go. Come early for the best selection. Thanks again to all our customers!!

Todd Cremer
Visions Video-Owner

Todd Cremer

Illinois Veterans Bonus Payment


I am sure there are many current and former Minonk residents that qualify for this Veterans Bonus Payment, but are not aware of it. Information can be found at the following website:

Steve Wilson

8th Grade Laptop Raffle

The winner of the Dell Laptop was Russ Stine!

Keri Carls