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Emails for March 2018

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Enjoys old news

Thank you for the addition of old news!! Read it every day! I have been away many years but still remember most of the names! Thanks again.

Vauna Cline Mitchell

Library Closed Today

Due to icy conditions, Filger Library will be closed today, Saturday, March 24. Please leave a phone message to renew books, with your name and phone number. Thanks and stay safe! See you Monday!

Debra Blunier

News from the Past

The News From the Past section is awesome, thanks Dave. Great job.

Bill Hinkle

Why is enrollment down?

I believe everyone is not paying attention to the real problem. Why is enrollment dropping?
Why are people moving out of this school district?
2 of my 3 kids moved out of this district & when my husband retires, we are out of here too.
The school board has made the same mistake over & over. They have never looked further than just a fast, cheap fix.
I remember when money was donated to the High School & they chose to black top the parking lot which was a smart use of the money. What wasn't smart, was having to dig part of it back up to fix tiles running heat between the two buildings.
Would have saved money if the tiles would have been investigated in case of any need for repairs. This was a simple project but done without looking ahead to any problems.
The problems now are bigger issues, and still being handled without looking towards the future of District 6.
We moved here right before the Consolidation & knew already when this came up, what a big mistake we made. It has been "them against us" ever since. This school district has not ever been totally consolidated and like my kids, many are getting out of here.
When we moved here 28 years ago, our taxes were $339.00. Last year we paid almost $2,000 and now we have the beautiful view of the back of Dollar General. We can move up north, on a lake with acreage and pay under a $1,000 in property taxes. We are also afraid that we will never recoup the money we invested in this house and yard, let alone to get someone to move to a community that has such a dysfunctional school district with a few, very aging school board members. Time to drain the swamp.
We don't have to live here and if we have to, so we can spend our money in a wiser community, we will take a loss in selling our house and not look back.
Such a shame from how we felt our 1st night in this house. It was 3 in the morning, so quiet outside and the Church Bells began to ring 3 times. Mike and I felt so good thinking how peaceful things seemed. How sorry we are that this community has left us feeling like we don't belong here. Good luck in the future of Fieldcrest.
Please, when making your choices, really be making them for the good of the students and not lining your pockets and trophy cases.

Mike & Lisa Zimmerman

New School Issue

There has been a lot of discussion about building a new school or maintaining the old. I was wondering, if we vote for building new, what will happen to the existing buildings that will be vacated in each town? How much will it cost the district to tear down the schools if they are no longer used? I would hope that they would not be boarded up & abandoned. I know from past histories that when buildings are not used, they become targets of vandalism & varmints, and they become eyesores of our communities.

Judy Marcoline

Marcia Kettwich: I've wondered the same thing. Still prefer we update High School & old church. Also what will be additional costs of athletic fields if a new building were built in another town?
Jill Ludwig: We all wondered the same thing and even a few board members spoke up about it. They wanted to fix up the schools and not build new. Why did we invest in new windows, fixing up the High school and fixing up West to have to just them down? I hope that a community that does not take care of their old building does not get rewarded with a new one and then not take of it either. Will we be tearing down the New one soon because of low enrollment next?

Kudos to News from the Past

I really enjoy the "News from the Past" that you recently incorporated into the Minonk Talk website. I grew up in Minonk. It is particularly interesting to see names I still recognize, and pictures of people I knew. My parents were Harry & Louise Green. We left Minonk in 1983 to attend seminary in Wisconsin, and have lived in various locations in that state since.

The Rev G Green
Kenosha, WI


Enjoys Past Events Section

Hello Dave,

My family and I lived in Minonk until 1958 and I have visited your office several times during my return visits to the area.

For several years, I have been looking at the Minonk Talk website and really enjoy reading about happenings Minonk and the surrounding areas..

I want to let you know how much I have really enjoyed the addition of the past events section and look forward to seeing things that happened while we resided there and even the current events that are in progress.

We haven't been to Minonk in several years but hope to return soon.

Emerson Burrell

Sales tax increase

Woodford Co. is now 8% compared to 6-1/2% for LaSalle Co. A good reason to shop in Peru.

Jim Flynn

Protecting Children


I've become more sensitive about the welfare of children since I now I have two grandsons. A couple of years ago, I took mail up to the post office and a little elementary girl was on her way to school in maybe 20 degree weather with a strong wind in her face. She had a good coat. But nothing covering her face. She was distraught. She was bawling.

At the time I thought she was only three blocks away from school and I told her she could make it and that she should keep going. She must have made it.

Now, I think I should I have called 911 for help or if the post office was open should have taken her inside for help. I don't remember if they were open. I knew I couldn't put her in my warm truck and take her there. Maybe I should have parked and walked her there at least.

So, if you the reader see this. Call 911 and prevent the suffering. I just wasn't prepared for the situation.

John Hawk


Great question Judy ! This part of the issue seems to be ignored.

Dick Meierhofer

Rutland Cemetery Association Annual Meeting Reminder

All bids for mowing must be presented in a sealed envelope on or before the next Annual meeting which is MONDAY, March 12 at 6 PM at the Rutland Village Hall. This meeting is also the time for anyone with questions or concerns about the Rutland Cemetery to attend and address those concerns.

Christy Kline