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Emails for March 2017

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City Council Election April 4, 2017 | Yes, Attend Council Meetings | Minonk Tragedy 100 Years Ago | Hometown Pride | Just another idea! | Looking for more bowlers for Annual 9 Pin Bowling Tourney | A Relative! | Police Hours | A Plus for Law Enforcement | Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale | City approves updated peddlers ordinance | Soliciting, No Knock Registry now available! | Dana Fire Pancakes | Washburn Tornado Clean Up | July 4th Committee meeting March 15th | Lost cat |

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City Council Election April 4, 2017

My name is Mark McNamara and I am running for Aldermen for the City of Minonk in Ward 3. I have served on the council for the past 6 months after the previous alderman's resignation. While serving on the council, I have been asking the hard questions of both our city officials and the people of my ward. I worked for Caterpillar for 40 years and for many years drove a school bus for Fieldcrest. I will use my management skills and the ability to work as a team to the council. I am retired now and have the time to research our options and seek out the community's opinions. The City of Minonk is fortunate to be able to offer services that nearby communities are not able to. As we deal with limited economic resources, there will have to be some tough decisions made. I am willing to put in the time and effort to make the best decisions for you, the people of Minonk.

I have been a resident of Ward 3 for 30+ years and lived in the area all my life. I raised my children here and not only want Minonk to be a "good place", but the best place to raise a family and call home. The biggest work the council will be faced with moving forward includes the following. We are addressing our aging infrastructure. It is also a priority to keep our community safe and protected by offering Police, Ambulance, and Rescue services. Minonk needs a thriving business community that offers employment and services to our community. The families here deserve a strong school system that will attract growing families and will provide employers with a competent workforce. These may sound like lofty goals, but I think they can all be accomplished if we work together and strive to make Minonk the best it can be.

It has been a privilege to serve on the Minonk City Council and I would greatly appreciate your vote on April 4, 2017. This is an important election since you will not only be electing local officials for the City of Minonk, but also for the Fieldcrest School District. These elected officials will be making decisions on how your tax dollars are spent. It is your right and responsibility to get involved. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, go vote.

Mark McNamara

Minonk Tragedy 100 Years Ago


Your name was referred to me by the Minonk librarian who has been helping me locat information on my grandfather's death in Minonk on June 26, 1917.
My grandfather, John Perona was killed while working on the railroad in Minonk and is buried at the St. Patrick Cemetery. My father was only twelve at the time of his death, and his father's brother never placed a grave stone on his grave. This always has been a mystery to our family, after many years of searching, both by my father and myself. The funeral home had an entry, with how much was spent, but no information on what plot. The St. Patrick's records were destroyed in a fire, but recently through, State of Illinois records affirmed the cemetery is St. Patrick. The custodian of that cemetery told me 25 years ago, that they could not find any information on the exact plot. They also stated that they find unmarked graves all the time, when they try to bury someone today. A thought I don't like to think about.

I am writing to you and hopefully your readers, about the interesting news articles, and in someway find out if you can help me in any way to commemorate his tragic death.

Janet Perona Einhaus

Editor's note: Here are links to two articles on John Perona's death submitted by Janet Perona Einhaus - perona.pdf and perona4.pdf If anyone has any knowledge of John Perona's burial site, please contact this web site.


Just another idea!

We just happened to look at the City Council meeting notes last night and from what I am hearing from other people, the same two are always attempting to do something with the police department. We feel safe! Leave it alone! I cannot imagine putting more money into an ambulance unit. We feel that department is fine and the police department is doing their job. Who cares what goes on in other communities, as long as we keep ours safe. The police department is doing that and they know the law. Thank you for letting us feel we have someone who we can really count on! Or, when I see a person who is doing something against the law, or someone is in my house that should not be............I guess I should call the ambulance, instead of the police. Does this make sense????? NO! We want a safe community!

Carol Rickert

Christine Cunningham: You have missed the whole issue of why the ambulance ws being discussed. The ambulance has been working in a deficit and it cannot continue to do so. The city has to come up with a way to rectify the situation. It isn't a matter of people thinking they are fine, that isn't the issue. The issue is the deficit and the risk of being left without ambulance services.

Tina Dunning: YES! Exactly the point people are not seeming to understand. And they also do not understand that we do not have patrolling police officers 24/7 right now and haven't for a while.

Mindy Johnson: Exactly Tina!! And if I'm having a medical emergency I want an ambulance to call!

Vicki Sammans: Exactly Mindy! I agree!

A Relative!

Police Chief Wherry never knows what I am going to say or why I am going to say the things that I do! When someone is treated unfairly, I always attempt to "talk out". He has never told me anything except good things about Minonk. I find out from others and from the City Council meeting notes. I just feel he is one fantastic Police Officer who is attempting to do what he was hired to do and certain people do not approve. That is it for today! Thank you for listening, again! Minonk is a safe community with wonderful need to keep it that way!

Nancy Wherry

A Plus for Law Enforcement

Well, I am going to give you my opinions, again. There are only a couple of board members that do NOT realize that a board is comprised of seven people who are to be in accordance with the law. As a Board, a member does not go around subjecting themselves to their opinions and confronting others that disagree with their ideas. YOU listen to everyone and then, as a Board, make an effective decision. It is hard to agree with everyone but a board should "agree to disagree" for the benefit of the community!
Of course, my subject is the Police Chief! YOU are lucky to have such an A plus Law Enforcement Officer. He has served his country and is still serving his country as a National Guard Member. He knows the law inside and out and is fair, loyal and honest to the people of Minonk. He knows the community and people of Minonk and cares for everyone and is wanting to enforce the law, as he knows it should be enforced. There are just several board members that I feel, must be upset that he knows more than they do about our new laws of today. Police Chief Wherry has attended every meeting concerning new laws and is attempting to do what he was hired to do! Let him do his job! He will keep Minonk and the people safe, as long as certain people do not attempt to override what he knows is the way the law works......keep him! A terrific Chief.......inside and out! Let him know and others that you support Chief Wherry. Thank you for listening, again!

Nancy Wherry

City approves updated peddlers ordinance

Me personally, I also like the direction that Chief Wherry has taken. The town seems to be safer and more at ease.
It seems to me that Alderman Nick Caverra, a past Minonk Police Chief, wants to control the Minonk Police department. In my personal opinion, he was a horrible Police Chief, and I don't seem to be alone about that.
The city council hired Chief Wherry because they believe in him and his abilities. But, it seems as though the city council is just wanting a puppet as a chief that they can control and dictate policies to.

Scott Sharp

Gail Zack:I agree with you that Chief Wherry is doing a great job!! From some of the talk I have heard, he is the best this town has seen in a very long time! I hope he stays for years to come and the wanna be puppet masters don't run him out.

Dana Fire Pancakes

Hey Dave, I would like to take a minute to thank all of the great people who came out to support Dana Fire Dept today at our 50th year anniversary Pancakes and Sausage breakfast! We served right at 900 people, [not bad for a town of 150, huh?] We have so many great people to thank so in no particular order here goes

Ruff Bros Grain
Kevin and Antonie Charlier
Minonk Fire Dept
Fieldcrest Dental
Waste Management Services
Wyanette Locker
Chenoa Locker
Esco services
Joes Plumbing and Heating
Matt Scott painting
Cub Scouts of America
Meyer Jochums Agency
Minonk Community Bank
Grosenbach Grocery
Gold Dust Diner
All of the firemen, and EMTs and their families
DFPD board members
And last but not least everyone who came out to eat today and support us!
If I have left anyone out,let me assure you it was a mistake and we surely do appreciate everything that you do for us!

The winners of today's prizes are as follows

50/50 $602 Dan Lee (donated back $100thank you!)
Half Hog Randy Keiser
Patio set Chris Eden
Smoker Jim Pierceall
3 in 1 Grill Howard Hoge
Bird House Donald Sechrest
Bag Boards set Piglet
Fieldcrest Dental Whitening Jim Meyer
Gazebo Sherri Watkins

Again thanks to all of our supporters, not only for today, but all through the years...Thanks for helping us help you!

Ricky Bane
President of the Board DFPD

Ricky Bane

July 4th Committee meeting March 15th

Next 4th of July meeting is Wed, March 15, 6:30 at Julie Redenius's, 536 N. Johnson Street. Corner of 6 the street and Johnson, across from the grade school. Anyone interested in volunteering or finding out what we do or where we need help please attend.

Janet Redenius

Yes, Attend Council Meetings

I certainly agree about attending City Council Meetings. I also understand that after working all day there are people who are tired after a hard day at work. I also realize that people count on others to hear what is going on in the town. Kindly go back to Council Meetings, beginning in 2016 and you will probably realize that certain people always bring up a certain department. I agree that each department is important and issues always do arise but do not take one persons word for what you hear. Attend the meetings! Talk with the heads of each department and see if they have problems. And, yet, certain ones do not want to talk because it is the Administrators job to keep tabs on the pros and cons of each department. No, Council members do not always agree and should not always agree but need to bring up the honest facts if discussing a department and not in Open Session if a persons name comes up for that department. I have attended a City Council Meeting and it was worthwhile because I could certainly understand what department was "targeted"! Yes, attend! But, the Administrator is the person to talk to or yes, the Council Members, but each one should be contacted so that they do not hear it from others but the person who has the issue . A Council needs to "agree to disagree" but in a factual and honest manner. I have even eaten at Woody's and it is deeelicious. There is something very special about Minonk! Each Department Head and the employees seem to work well together and for the people of Minonk. Please attend a meeting, if you can. Thank you, again, for listening!

Nancy Wherry

Hometown Pride

Dear Dave:

First, I would like to spread some positivity and pride for our community! I am proud to have been born and raised in Minonk and still reside here. I am proud to be a graduate of Fieldcrest High School. I am proud to say my children will be at least the 5th generation of my family to live here. I get excited when new families move here and try to show them what a great community we have. I am proud of and would like to thank all the volunteers we have in our community: 4th of July committee, Parade of Lights committee, Parks and Rec Board, Fieldcrest PTOs, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts, Garden Club, Dave Uphoff (webmaster), Cathy McKay (garage sales) and countless others. I am proud to have been employed by a great business in town for the past 6 years. I am proud to say we have several great businesses in our town and residents who genuinely care about the well being of our community.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that. But in light of recent opinions by non-residents, I would like to express mine. The job of our city council is NOT to completely agree with each other on every single issue. This is a democracy, this is what makes our country great. The council members are voted into office by residents in each ward who believe that alderman/alderwoman is representing them to the best of their abilitites. I am proud to have alderman/alderwoman who question issues. Who take time outside of meetings to do extra digging and try to figure out solutions for these issues. Is everyone going to agree with each others solutions? Absolutely not. But at least they are trying to come up with solutions for our city's budget deficit. I don't believe any council member is "favoring" any department over another nor do I believe they are "out to get" anyone. We need our ambulance, police and sewer/water departments, but we have to stay on budget. Please, if you would really like to know what is going on with our city's budget or other issues: attend meetings, speak directly to the alderman/alderwoman, do "fact checking" through the city and/or county offices.

Thank you,

Tina (Hartzler) Dunning

Looking for more bowlers for Annual 9 Pin Bowling Tourney

We're still looking for a few 5 person teams for 1pm and 4pm to bowl in our Annual 9 Pin Bowling Tourney for St. Jude this Saturday March 25th at Minonk Lanes. There will also be some $1 raffles and a $5 50/50 drawing. Two large $5 raffles are currently being sold- a fun, romantic overnight basket, and a Sony Playstation with extras.

If you would like to purchase chances for these two raffles, please contact Sonja Frei at (309)287-2279. Need not be present to win. All money raised goes to our Minonk to Peoria St. Jude Run Team, and on to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Thanks for your continued support!

Sonja Frei

Police Hours

I had forgotten to mention the fact that it will be brought up at the City Council Mtg. on the 20th about Police hours. I have been reading all of the City Council Mtg. notes and certainly found this one to be, sort of a joke! The people in Minonk feel safe with the hours the Police now have instituted. This is like saying..........Well, the City of Minonk only has certain hours for the Police and so, welcome burglars! Also, if the Council shortens the hours of the Police, the community will not feel as safe and if somehow really needs help, immediately, Police will not be in the Office. Interesting that someone should bring up less hours!!!! I, personally, cannot imagine why? There are many people in the community that would like to know the real reason. Thank you for listening!

Nancy Wherry

Tina Dunning:Is Nancy Wherry the police chief's wife or mother???

Stephanie: Fuchs Mother....

Brian Tull:Are we locking doors now in Minonk?

Brian Tull Burglars? When did that become a problem?

Tammy Weiland: Has been a problem for several years actually. I started locking my doors at all times after a family member had his house broke into 3 times.

Gail Zack: Who cares who she is? Wow! She is right! I personally would LIKE police patrolling my town. As far as "when did burglars become a problem?" Wasn't there a certain someone who was robbed of some valuable sports memorabilia not that long ago? But...we don't need police protection. Yep. Makes sense. Smh!

Dustin Freeman: Regardless of who she is, her point is valid. The city council is thinking of cutting hours for the police. That means we will go unprotected for certain periods of the day or night. Word gets around. Stupid people are everywhere. Food for thought.

Tina Dunning: I wasn't insinuating anything by asking who this lady is that keeps writing editorials about our police department. Calm down people, it was just a simple question.

Shelly Compton Medley: We had a vehicle stolen from our driveway in daylight!

Minonk Town-Wide Garage Sale changed to April 29th

A town-wide garage sale is being planned for Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. What better way to clean out those closets, attics, basements, or that spare room.

If anyone is interested in participating in the Town Wide Garage Sale sign up forms are available at Grosenbach's Grocery Store, Minonk Community Bank, Pop's or download the form from

To have your sale advertised in the map you must fill out the form with the $4 for advertising, etc and return both to Cathy McKay, 626 Locust, Minonk no later than Monday, April 24th.

The final garage sale map will be available at; at Grosenbach's Grocery Store, Minonk Community Bank, Pop's and garage sale participants.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Cathy McKay.

Cathy McKay

Soliciting, No Knock Registry now available!

Per City of Minonk ordinance 2017-004, residents of Minonk now have the option to be added to a No Knock Registry list or they can pick up a sign from City Hall to place in their window. This is to notify Solicitors/Peddlers that they are not allowed to "knock" on your door. The list will be provided to Solicitors/Peddlers when they come in to City Hall to pay for their permit. The list handed out will not contain your name or phone number, just your address. If a resident prefers a sign to hang on their door or in their window, please make sure that it's clearly visible.

To be added to the No Knock Registry, please call City Hall at 432-2558 or email us at Any resident of Minonk interested in a sign will have to stop by City Hall to pick one up.

Just a reminder, if a solicitor ever stops by your home, ask to see their City Solicitor's/Peddler's permit first. They are required to have this with them at all times. If they do not have one, ask them to leave and contact the Minonk Police Department at 432-2341. This is the PD's non-emergency number. However, if there is an emergency, call 911.

City Of Minonk

Libby Goodwin

Libby Nussbaum: Hey Libby! How does this pertain to kids and fundraisers? Do they need to get a permit, too?

Libby Freeman: Hi Libby! Per our City Administrator, no license is required for non-commercial solicitation. However, the "No Knock" provisions still apply.

Washburn Tornado Clean Up

Wow!!!! It was so amazing to see the City of Minonk trucks on News 25 the other night. The city crew helped with some of the clean up from the tornado that touched down in Washburn!! I am so proud to say that I live in Minonk! Thanks guys and thanks to whoever put this kind act into motion.

Rhonda White

Lost cat

Please help us find our lost cat. He is orange and white with blue eyes. His tail is bobbed. He got out from the house on north elm street. Please if you have any information call 309-319-5826. He is missed!

Linda Judd

Russell Ruestman: He was coming out of the middle bay of the carwash around 7:30. You may want to check there, as that door was open a foot or so. Good luck.