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Emails for March 2008
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Babe Smith story | Enjoyed Babe Smith story | Post Prom "Pick 3" Winner | Good Friday services at Christian Life Fellowship | No public input on city clean up | | Congratulations to Fieldcrest High School Pom Squad | New baby delivered in van | Wushu Completion in California | Skateday event announced | Donations | Anti-gun legislation | Dana Fire Thanks Supporters | Woodford County grant for substance abuse | 4th of July Committee Meetings | Looking for info for class of 76 |

Babe Smith story

I also enjoyed the Babe Smith story. I can remember when I worked at Liners Restaurant when I was in high school and Babe used to come in to eat and visit. He was always so friendly. He used to visit at my dad's (Johnny Hattan) DX gas station, too. Those were the good times of my youth and growing up in a great town like "Minonk."

Thanks again for the story.

Sonnie (Hattan) Moritz

Post Prom "Pick 3" Winner

Congratulations to Dan Sullivan from Wenona who had the winning "pick 3" numbers for the Post Prom lottery drawing on Easter Sunday. Dan was the recipient of $1,000.

Thank-you to all who bought and sold tickets. The money raised will be going towards the Fieldcrest High School Post Prom Event following Prom on Saturday, May 17th.

Fieldcrest Post Prom Committee

No public input on city clean up

I usually give the Council the benefit of the doubt on controversial decisions or issues because not everyone knows all the factors that go into their votes and decisions. However, I am curious on the last minute change of Spring Clean-Up. For a town that has several residents in it that is vocal about properties looking trashy or having a lot of junk sitting around. Why would the Council make it more difficult for its citizens to clean up their properties? Especially when a good number of the community are elderly or don't have the means to get trucks or trailers to move their junk blocks away. Was it to save a few hundred or thousand dollars maybe? I wouldn't think that was it since they bought most of the SMF buildings on the north side of town and then turned around and pump thousands of dollars into an older less adequate building for an Ambulance Shed. Maybe they think the money they will save by doing this could go towards the sewer project on 4th street that the city keeps putting off. I am just not sure.

I guess I could have gone up to the Council Meeting when this was talked about or voted on. Because I am sure that is what will be asked by the City's fathers. No one comes to meetings. However, was this talked about in other meetings before this came to a final vote this past week? When I was on Council there usually was a first reading so it got out to the public to come to meetings the next time before the vote to voice their concerns if anyone had any on critical issues such as this. Now it seems it just is put on the 8 x 11" sheet that is posted out in front of City Hall, which I am sure all it said on that agenda was Spring Clean-Up Discussion, very informative for the public. So the decision was made without warning and at the last minute. Very nice way to make decisions for the community.

I guess my points/questions to this whole thing are. 1) Why was the public not made aware that this could be the case of how Spring Clean-Up would be handled? 2) Why not phase this in by telling the public next year will be the start of having year round access to junk dumpsters on city property that can be accessed on weekends to throw old furniture and scrap metals away. Then have curb side pick-up this year so not everyone is thrown off. 3) Was any thought given to the traffic build up that could happen in front of the Ambulance Shed on Saturday April 27th when people are waiting there turn to drop off the junk. You wouldn't want to block in the ambulance. 4) What about people that have back problems and other health problems. Will they be able to take the City Workers time like the elderly??

I personally think this could have been done a better way. But I might not have all the facts and could be wrong in a couple of my statements. But it would have been nice for the Council to discuss the issue in a couple open forum meetings so word got out rather then it being pushed through a month before.

Jason E Buchanan

Congratulations to Fieldcrest High School Pom Squad

We would like to congratulate the Fieldcrest High School Pom Squad for qualifying for the state finals in both T.D.I. (Team Dance Illinois) held in Peoria and I.D.T.A. (Illinois Drill Team Association) held in Champaign. We would also like to thank all the students, parents and faculty members who supported these girls and Coach Fortner at the state finals and regional competitions. It was a great season!! Thanks for the wonderful memories for 2008.

Jim and Debbie DeMay

Wushu Completion in California

Mikalie Stalter, daughter of Sis and Gary Hovey of Minonk and Scott Stalter of Wenona will compete at Birkley California in a Grand National Wushu completion on April 5th.
Mikalie has also competed in November in the National Wushu completion, competing against many different countries such as China, Japan, England and many others. In this completion Mikalie competed in an Optional Spear form (optional meaning she had to make up her own routine to meet specifications) in which she won the silver metal, (missing the gold by one tenth of a point). She also competed as part of a team consisting of 7 kids they also won the silver metal for their performance.
The Wushu team works very hard training twice a week (6-8 hrs) sometimes up to four times a week depending on the upcoming events.
Besides competing they also do many performance, most recent being at the Chinese New Year in East Peoria, and the Kids Expo at the Interstate Center in Bloomington.
Mikalie has worked very hard and has done very well in her Wushu training. I would like to wish her and the rest of team the best in the upcoming completion in California, and I'm very proud of you!

Sis Hovey


A member of Minonk has lost her loved one. Kori (Cosby) Vogt,Lost her husband Vaughn on March 11,2008...With her working at Dollar General and him working part time,There was no insurance. I am taking donations to help her with funeral expense's,and any other help anyone can give her in her time of need..I can be contacted at 815-863-5023..I hope the people of Minonk can find it in their hearts to help even if it is only a dollar..

Thank you,
Crystal Cosby

Dana Fire Thanks Supporters

Just a quick note to say thank you, to all that came out last Sunday to have breakfast with us in Dana. We served approx 800 people! I also would like to thank you personally for all of the good advertisement, and coverage of our past events.You are a big help. Our prize winners this year went like this:

Don Sechrest Dana 1/2 hog
Nicole Pomeranke Flanagan 1/2 hog
Brittany Bane Dana 50/50 $234
Stan Weber Minonk 50/50 $234

Again thanks to all who helped in any way, and looking forward to seeing you at Minonk fire dept. Sun Mar 16 for their breakfast

Ricky N. Bane
Asst. Chief
Dana Fire Prot Dist.

4th of July Committee Meetings


If anyone is interested in joining the 4th of July Committee they are welcome. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Immanual Lutheran Church at 6:30 p.m.

Cathy McKay

Enjoyed Babe Smith story


The story about Babe Smith was just the thing that makes Minonktalk so special. Jari Lynn must be congratulated for giving his life such a fine description. I hope you and she can find more reports on some of the old timers from Minonk . It certainly beats those who are constantly beefing about what they deserve or what they didn't get. The info and "sounding board" you provide on Minonktalk keeps alive the great heritage that so many "Old Minonkites " have worked so hard to keep "the" home town alive and prospering.

Albie Johnson

Good Friday services at Christian Life Fellowship

Everyone is welcome to attend Good Friday services at the Christian Life Fellowship Church at 714 Washington Street. Services will be held at 7:00 pm with Pastor David Fwihart.

Glenn Barth

New baby delivered in van

Don Rients and Theresa Rients had their sixth child in their van in El Paso at the gas station on March 16th. They were on their way to Bromen with their 5 other children when Theresa stated she could go no further. Don called an ambulance on the On star, but ended up delivering a beautiful 9 lb and 11 oz baby girl (Anna Elise) himself with twine string and a Boyscout knife. Baby Anna and mother are doing fine in Bromen in Bloomington, and father is doing well and coping with the five other children. We are all so proud of him and family.

Sister, Colleen Bagley

Skateday event announced

I am on the skatepark committee in Chillicothe, il. We do not have our skatepark yet, however, we have been holding fundraising events to raise the money needed for our project. My sons ride the Minonk skatepark quite often and I would now like to invite the skateboarders and bmx riders of Minonk to our SKATEDAY EVENT.

It will be held March 29, 2008 at Three Sister's Park in Chillicothe, IL. skateboarding and biking will be from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.....SHUTDOWN between 5:00pm - 6:00pm....we will have 6 Bands from 6:00pm - 12:00 pm. American Ramp Company will also be there with ramps. Everyone must sign a waiver which can be downloaded from our website at I have attached a flier regarding our event. I am writing to ask if Minonk sharing this day of fun with us.

Shirley Ordaz - Chillicothe skatepark committee

Anti-gun legislation

Dear Dave,

I am writing concerning two pieces of legislation which would infringe on our Second Amendment rights if they become law.

Both bills passed the House of Representatives Executive Committee on Feb. 28,
2008 and are:

House Bill 4357 would outlaw most shotguns, rifles and handguns that are legally available for purchase in Illinois.

House Bill 4393 would limit an individual to one firearm purchase a month.

If these two restrictive measures make it to the Senate for a vote, I will be voting no. During my years in the Illinois General Assembly I have always stood firmly in support of the Second Amendment.

Please let me know if you have a differing thought than mine on these pieces of legislation.

In addition, I invite you to visit where I post information on government happenings, surveys and grant information.

Dan Rutherford
State Senator
320 N. Plum Street
Pontiac, IL 61764

Woodford County grant for substance abuse

Attention Minonk Community:
I am writing in regards to a grant that the Woodford County Health Department has received targeting underage and binge drinking behaviors in Woodford County. We have a coalition entitled Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA). We are a community driven coalition that is working to reduce substance abuse among Woodford families. I would like to invite your organization to become a part of our group. If this is an issue you feel passionately about, please call. We are looking for members from all over the county and we want your input! For more information, please call Jill at the Woodford County Health Department at 309-467-3064.

Jill Hageman
Director of Health Education
Woodford County Health Department
1831 South Main St.
Eureka, IL 61530
P(309) 467-3064 x4709
F(309) 467-5104

Looking for info for class of 76

I need help here from those that had the honor of graduating with me in 1976! If you have anything that can help me with our Alumni Homepage I would appreciate your input. Its about time we represent ourselves here and I am willing to put it all together. You may contact me by email at or you can call and speak to me at 501.860.3637 and without having to pay a charge per minute fee!

Look forward to the onslaught of emails and phone calls!

Brian Tull
Ft. Myers, FL