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Emails for February 2018

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I read here that the old News Dispatch's have been digitized. Where can they be found?

David Hinkle

Pet Cat Found

Thanks to those person's who contacted me, and helped me look for my Main Coon cat. He was found today near the South Haven apartments. He was cold, wet and hungry, but happy to be home again. Thanks again..

Duane Block

Lost Kitty

I am looking for my yellow and white large male cat, lost on Thursday evening, near the South Haven apartments. He probably wont let anyone pick him up, please, just call me and I will come and get him. Call me at..
309-232-3514 or 309-232-3530.. Thank you very much.

Duane Block

New School

Couple thing I have noticed in the past year about this new School.
1. School board is not being honest with the tax payers
2. No matter what the school board want it ultimately up to the tax payers, and as right now since the school board is not being honest they are currently making the tax payers angry.

We have a Rural school district of around 1200 students, and in the next 20 years projections say enrollment is going to drop another 20%. We have a school district that wants to build a $40 Million-dollar school, something is not adding up. Yes, the state has dumped unfunded life safety obligations on the school, but a lot of these have been place on for the past 20 years. Now since the past school boards kicked this can down the road the current school board wants to bankrupt the school district. There has been a lot of question asked to this board and they have not answered a lot of them. This cannot be the first time a district is trying to build a new school there should be other examples of FAQ that this board could have reference and have answers ready. I have been to numerous meeting on this and at 1 time I never heard one school board member state the tax impact this new school will have on this district. For example, Minonk tax base pays the highest amounts of taxes into this district, Minonk has a high school which has the highest EAV. Studies have been done year after year when a district closes a school there is a shift in the tax base in that community, which the highest impact is a high school. So right now, this board wants to close the high school in the highest tax provider to the district and move it to a community that for the past 20 years been the lowest provider to this district. I guess I am missing something. Then this board has also been threatening to close Minonk Grade School if they don't get their way and get a new school, so the school building that has been studied and determined to be in the best shape and lowest cost to the district they want to close? I have read lately that the board feels they must spend $300K for a new science lab, why does a district with a high school with less than 400 students need a new $300K science lab when maybe, maybe 1 or 2 student a year go into higher learning in the sciences. When the current labs for 50 years were good enough to educate the common student on the sciences and the couple that go on. Since nobody has been honest with tax payers and are trying to hide stuff, I have been hearing Minonk Residents and Toluca both are against building a new school, you really need these two communities on board to build a new school. Especially Minonk, because if you push Minonk hard enough and get them engage they have been known to come together and votes stuff down, therefore there is not a dump on the north side of town right now.

This board really needs to also look at the state, the district will not receive any money from the state on this new school, matter of fact the state is talking about dumping teacher pensions onto the districts. In the next 20 years you're going to see more districts consolidating, has the board even consider building the new school in an area with better chance of consolidation? Northern part of the district there is no school going to be consolidating with southern part at least you have a chance. Have they asked why Roanoke built that brand new multi million addition and now is pursuing consolidation with Eureka, do you really think if they consolidate Roanoke will keep their high school, nope just the bill to build it.
Be honest and have the facts and answers and maybe the tax payers will listen

Robert J Smith

Arleen McClanahan: Colleges and universities are educating students in older buildings than Fieldcrest Unit District. Board members be cognizant and careful with the spending money. Fix or repair. Your student population in declining. Be responsible.

Lady Knights Play Tonight Against FCW

The Fieldcrest Lady Knights play in the regional semi-finals tonight against FCW in Flanagan at 6 pm. Come out and cheer them on!!!

Mitch Neally

Looking to distribute old photos to relatives

My name is Erich Onnen. My grandmother was Emily (Burroughs) Onnen, and spent most of her life in or around Minonk. I spent significant time between Minonk and El Paso (My father, Bill (William) Onnen married Peggy Jeanne Gunn, from there) as a child. The point:

Melvin E. Morris was married to Emily for several years. He and I had a wonderful relationship even though he was a 'step' relative. He died in the early 80's but left a large collection of pictures of the Morris family with me. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about them, moving them dutifully throughout the years. I have finally gotten around to thinning the herd and I found them again and thought they should be with blood relatives.

Scott Mool was (and is) still a very close friend. His wife (Jennifer Milashowski Mool) is from Minonk, as well. I have let them know about these but wanted to see if you could help locate anyone who would be interested in them.

If there are no direct relatives I would love to have your page use them. I know Melvin had no children of his own. I am relatively certain that his brother did not, either. Melvin's mother's family were Boyds (I believe).

My cell is 260.452.9447. Please feel free to pass it on to anyone you think can help. Believe it or not I've actually have a few people try to get them who were definitely not relatives. Maybe they're worth something, I don't know, and I don't care.

I have posted a listing on Craig's List here (

Thank you for any help!

Erich Onnen