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Fieldcrest Referendum Voted Down

Tuesday, November 06, 2018 - Posted 9:38:29 PM

The referendum for building new school buildings in the Fieldcrest School District was soundly defeated in Tuesday's election. Unofficial vote totals show there were 632 Yes votes compared to 1556 No votes, or 2.5 times more No votes than Yes votes.

The breakdown of the voting by precinct is below:

Fieldcrest CUSD 6 Question

Precinct Yes No
Minonk 1 60 156
Minonk 2 92 277
Minonk 3 65 137
LaSalle County 106 210
Marshall County 309 776
Total 632 1556

The referendum asked the voters to approve a budget of $29 million for building a new middle school in Wenona and a new high school in Minonk.  With the defeat of the referendum, the Fieldcrest Board of Education will have to come up with another plan to address the Life-Safety mandates of the State of Illinois.

In the state-wide election, Governor Bruce Rauner conceded defeat to his Democrat opponent J. B. Pritzer and Representative Darin LaHood easily defeated his Democrat challenger Jumius Rodriguez for a seat in the House of Representatives in Congress.