Photos from
Minonk's past

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OK Saloon

There is some confusion as to where the OK Saloon was located. This picture here indicates that it was located on West Fifth Street where the present Meyers-Jochums Insurance Agency is located. Notice the downstairs entrance to the left of the steps.

According to a Minonk telephone directory of 1908, the OK Saloon was located at 437 Chestnut Street. So, perhaps the saloon moved between locations.

According to a letter received from Carolynn Eilts the person who ran the OK Saloon was Otto Klatt. We believe he is standing in the doorway to the left. The information on Otto Klatt is provided by Carolynn Eilts as follows:

Otto Klatt , b. July 14, 1870, Minonk, IL and d. Feb. 12, 1938 in Minonk and is buried in the Minonk Cemetery. He married Ehe Cathrina Eilts who was b. July 10, 1874 and died November 3, 1943. Ehe and Otto were married on December 15, 1896 in Minonk. Ehe was the daughter of Tjark Eilts b. 1843 in Germany and came to America and settled in Minonk.