February 2002
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February 2002 news

February 3

The Minonk area was hit with an ice storm Wednesday night, January 28. The storm caused extensive damage to trees with many limbs breaking off from the weight of the ice.

Power lines were down 2 miles southwest of Minonk when about 5 electric poles snapped from the wind whipping the ice covered wires about 2:30 a.m. ComEd trucks were on the scene at 9:00 a.m in the morning and had power restored at 4:00 p.m. The city of Minonk did not have any power outages.

For additional photos of the ice storm, click here.

Fieldcrest lost to Tremont 52-43 Saturday night in the third-place game of the Midstate Conference Tournament. Ryne Haag had 14 points and Shaun Manning had 11 points for the Knights. Fieldcrest is now 16-6.

February 10

Eureka came from behind to defeat Fieldcrest 76-71 in double overtime Tuesday night to hand the Knights their third straight loss. Fieldcrest's scoring leader was Ryne Haag with 33 points while Eric Heider had 14 and Shaun Manning had 11.
Fieldcrest came from behind to beat Tremont 52-46 in a road game Saturday night. The Knights were sparked by Eric Heider who scored all of his 11 points in the second half. Drew Glowacki led Fieldcrest in scoring with 13 points while Ryne Haag grabbed 8 rebounds.

Fieldcrest is now 17-7 and hold second place in the Midstate Conference.

Flanagan defeated Fieldcrest 58-42 Wednesday night in a regional game at Minonk. Daina Wells and Amber Pescitelli each scored 10 points for the Knights. Fieldcrest ended the season with an 11-14 record.
The internet poll on the Dollar General Store was stopped at Saturday night. The results of the poll concerning the building of a Dollar General store in the city parking lot have been compiled. 15% are in favor and 85% of the respondents are against it. For comments submitted by the respondents,
click here.
Fieldcrest ended the regular season on a winning note by beating Gridley 73-56 Friday night at Minonk. The Knights were led by Ryne Haag with 20 points. Drew Glowacki and Eric Heider each had 13 points while Kyle Lutz chipped in with 10 points.

The Knights ended the regular season with an 18-8 record and finished in second place in the Midstate Conference with a 9-2 record.

February 17

The former Greentree Pharmacy buildings at the northeast corner of the parking lot block was sold to V. P. Circle of Quality, a healthcare management company, on Friday. Their offices will be located in the south building. The older north building is to be remodeled into an antique mall.

John Brackney was the previous owner and seller of the property.

Republican U. S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald from Illinois spoke at the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner Saturday night at the Snyder Village Center in Metamora. The dinner was sponsored by the Woodford County Central Committee and was attended by over 350 people and included many of the local GOP candidates for the upcoming primaries on March 19.

Senator Fitzgerald devoted much of his talk to the collapse of the Enron Corporation. He said that conservative Republicans are the defender of the free marketplace and it is important that they crack down hard on the abusers of the system.

Fizgerald said that Enron inflated their earnings by borrowing money from bogus partnership companies and treating the loan as income rather than a liability. In effect, the company was selling worthless assets to a subcorporation for millions of dollars and treating it as income and letting the expense be hidden in the subsidiary.

Fitzgerald said many changes need to be made to prevent future Enron cases. They included a move to prevent accounting firms such as Arthur Anderson from being both a consultant and an auditor of a company since that creates a conflict of interest. Also, he said that there must be a limit to how much company stock is required of a employee for their 401K portfolio. Finally, there must be a cap on stock options in a company. He said that many internet companies are over-valued because stock options are not treated as expenses and tend to overvalue the net profit of a company.

Senator Fitzgerald said he voted for the new Farm Bill that put a limitation on how much a farmer can get in subsidies at $275,000. He said that there are only 300 farms in Illinois that currently receive more than that amount in subsidies. One farm received over $5 million in subsidies last year. Fitzgerald said that the current farm program encourages over production which results in lower grain prices.

To see pictures of the Republican dinner, click here. >

February 24

Fieldcrest crushed Chenoa Tuesday night in a semi-final game of the Fieldcrest Class A Regionals at Minonk. Fieldcrest was led by Ryne Haag and Eric Heider who each had 21 points. Shaun Manning had 15 points and Josh Baker had 13 points for the Knights.
El Paso ended Fieldcrest's season Friday with a convincing 64-55 victory over the Knights to capture the Fieldcrest Class A Regional. The Knights led at the half but where overtaken by the Comets in the second half behind the 25 points of Brian Uphoff.

Ryne Haag led the scoring for Fieldcrest with 20 points while Kyle Lutz added 10 points and Eric Heider had 9 points. The Knights had only a 31.7 field goal percentage.

Fieldcrest ended the season with a 19-9 record.

It is never too late to pursue becoming a DAR member. That is what Donna Rae Eilt's research accomplished, a proud and honored legacy to have had an ancestor, fourth great-grandfather Charles Young, who fought in the American Revolutionary War. On December 8, 2001 she became a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

The history tracing begins with her great great-grandfather Joseph Reed coming from Piscataway, Ohio to reside in Montgomery Township, Woodford County in 1852 with his wife, Polly (Freeze) Reed.

Through the Internet she located a fourth cousin, Prinda (Reed) Taylor, a genealogist residing in Missouri, who documented the lineage of Polly (Freeze) Reed's mother, Mary (Young) Freeze, the daughter of Charles Young.

Charles Young resided during the American Revolution at Philadelphia, PA. He enlisted in the American Revolutionary War in 1777 and was discharged in 1781 at Trenton, NJ. He assisted in establishing American Independence while acting, in the capacity of private, drummer, and matross. Private Young served under Capt. Patrick Duffy in the artillery as cannoneer, Col. Thomas Proctor's regiment, and was at battles in Brandywine, Germantown and Whitemarsh.

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