July 2001.
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July 2001 news

July 1

Green Tree Pharmacy is Planning a bake sale JULY 4TH at 8:30 in front of the Pharmacy. All proceeds will be given to the John Ford family to help with expenses while he is at Barnes Hospital in St.Louis for cancer treatment and bone marrow transplant. Any donations would be appreciated. If you cannot attend but would like to help, please send donations to Greentree Pharmacy %John Ford Fund.
Sarah Janssen has been named to the Dean's List for the Spring 2001 Semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Janssen, the daughter of Jim and Cindy Janssen of rural Minonk, is a student in the College of Engineering, and a 2000 graduate of Fieldcrest High School.
Michael A. Stagliano was selected to be the new Fieldcrest Superintendent of Schools by the Fieldcrest School Board. Dr. Stagliano replaces Dr. John Capasso who is leaving for a similiar position in LeRoy.

Dr. Stagliano was superintendent at Armstrong Township High School near Champaign, IL since 1993. The school has an enrollment of 170 according to the IHSA.

He left New York in 1974 to move to Milwaukee to become a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin. Then he became a graduate fellow at the University of Illinois from 1975 to 1978.swiss replica watches

Dr. Stagliano was offered a three year performance based contract that begins July 1. Compensation was not made available.

Dr. Stagliano said that Fieldcrest is a solid school district and has the potential to be expanded to the next level. He likes to be student-centered and wants to be involved at the class room level when possible. He stated that Fieldcest has a strong teaching staff and he will rely on them for input. He also feels strongly about being involved with the community. He thinks that a good school system can help the community grow as well. Dr. Stagliano said that he feels that both he and Dr. Capasso welcome the opportunity given by the fresh perspectives that they can bring to their new positions.

St. Patrick's Church has a new priest. He is Father Don Henderson and would like to be called Father Don. An open house was held at the church on Sunday, July 1. The time for masses are Saturday night 4:00 pm and Sunday at 10:30 am.

July 8

Minonk's annual Fourth of July festivities ended Wednesday night with the traditional fireworks show. The events this year were well attended helped in part by the good weather and by the many events that were held this year. The Grand Marshall for this year's parade was Ann Dirksen.

Volunteers are needed to help prepare for next year's celebration. Those interested should contact Fourth of July Chairperson Cathy McKay at 309-432-2605.franck muller replica watches

For pictures of this year's Fourth of July celebration,click here.

Listed below are the winners in the various categories for the Fourth of July Parade.

Kiddie Parade:
First - Leslie and Shaila Wilson, Lauren Limbaugh, Hunter Goodson, Alysa White
Second - Olivia Goodson, Taylor Lindley, Alex Miller
Third - Chelsea McCormick, Ashley Schuett, Alexandra Froman

Main Parade:
First - Plain and Fancy Affair
Second - Minonk Garden Club
Third - Richard Miller and grandchildren

Antique Car:
First - Eldon Folkerts
Second - John Clevenger
Third - Nick Peiffer

Antique Tractor:
First - Thomas Gaspardo
Second - Bruce Von Nordheim
Third - Don Turner

Color Guards:
First - Rutland American Legion Post # 1121
Second - Seventh District VFW Ladies Auxiliary
Third - Minonk District VFW Ladies Auxiliary

Junior Division:
First - Brownie Girl Scouts
Second - Cub Scouts
Third - Fieldcrest High School Pom Pom

Pony & Hitch
First - Lee Wilkey
Second - Ruff Brothers

Horse & Rider
First - Megan Knack
Second - Peggy Bachman
Third - Megan Bachman

First - Tjaden family
Second - Panther Creek Deer Hunting
Third - Bourbon Street 5+2

Dave Weiland won the $500 Bovine Bingo contest.

A new pump was installed on Well #1. The original pump failed and was replaced with a used pump that was on hand. It was found that the replacement pump could not pump water fast enough and, therefore, a new pump had to be installed.

July 15

Heavy rains and high winds cut a swath of destruction through corn fields around Minonk Sunday afternoon. Many fields south and west of Minonk had downed corn.

According to farmers in the area the damage is not limited to just the corn that is down. The corn is just starting to tassle out and will be ready for pollination next week. The downed corn will not pollinate properly and will severely reduce the yield of the corn. Most farmers have crop insurance for wind damage.

Some areas had over 2 inches of rain that came down in sheets driven by the winds that were probably over 60 miles per hour.

Doors were blown off of Don Smith's machine shed southwest of Minonk and big tree limbs were down as well.

July 22

The city council voted to eliminate the requirement that holders of a liquor license in the City of Minonk must be a resident. Mayor Mark Spencer told the council that he had to reject an applicant for a liquor license earlier because the applicant was not a resident of Minonk. Spencer wanted the council to clarify the ordinance that was enacted in 1934. Alderman Sean Council made a motion to remove the residency restriction. The council approved the motion with Alderman Dean Barth voting against the measure.

The adhoc committee for the Westside Park Pavilion held a meeting prior to the city council meeting. The committee announced that it plans to have blueprints made of the proposed development so that bids can be let for building the structure. Mayor Spencer appealed to the public for support of the pavilion by providing both input to design specs and by providing financial help. Mayor Spencer also congratulated councilperson Cathy McKay in her role as this year's Fourth of July chairperson citing the success of the events.

City employee Jim Brown said that Jim Richards of Spring Green lawn and tree maintenance inspected the trees in downtown Minonk. Richards said that the brown leaves on the Norway Maples was due to hail and late frost damage and were otherwise healthy. However, Richards said that the ash trees and linden trees along the city parking lot on North Chestnut Street have been infestated with borers and should be treated. He indicated that the treatment should be done this fall and would cost around $300 - $400.

Alderman Dean Barth announced that a used Ford Ranger pickup and a real nice 1.5 ton dump truck were being purchased by the city. Barth also said that he has been requested to have the city cut dead tree limbs from an elm tree north of the Froelich Funeral Home on Walnut Street because they posed a danger of falling on cars parked in front of the home.

The council passed an ordinance adopting the Prevailing Wage Ordinance.

The council approved a twice yearly payment of $75 to amulance drivers for a clothing allowance.

Public Works Supervisor Charlie McGuire announced that a test sample was taken from Well # 1 today and sent to the EPA for testing to see if the well can be put back online. McGuire told the council that he would like to add another 20 foot column of pipe to the well so that the pump could be hung deeper in the well. This will give a greater resevoir depth for the pump and will enable the pumping capacity to be increased from 72 gallons per minute to 80 gallons per minute without the danger of running the water below the pump level that would cause air to be pumped and ruining the pump.

July 29

A Woodford County jury in Eureka found Fieldcrest school teacher Judy McNamara guilty Wednesday of aggravated battery and battery in an incident in which she was accused of slapping a basketball player during half time of a basketball game in January 2000.

Sentencing for the two counts is scheduled to take place sometime in September. McNamara could face up to five years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

The trial started on Monday when Jessica Imm 17, from Toluca, the alleged victim, and four other players gave testimony before Associate Judge Robert Freitag in Woodford County Circuit Court.

Imm testified that McNamara backhanded her as she walked by McNamara who was at a chalkboard. Four other witnesses testified to seeing the incident.

On Tuesday seven student basketball players testified that Fieldcrest basketball coach Judy McNamara did not slap a fellow basketball player during half-time of a game in January 2000. McNamara also testified that she did not strike anyone.

The defense witnesses claimed that McNamara was in a pleasant mood. However, the prosecution maintained that McNamara was aggravated due to a poor performance by the team. They maintained that she had struck players prior to this incident.

Minonk Police Chief William Butler and Father Robert Gillis of St. Patrick's Church were character witnesses on behalf of the defendant.

The Fieldcrest school board met Tuesday night to discuss the options available to them regarding the employment of teacher Judy McNamara. She was convicted of two counts of battery this past week by a Woodford County jury.

The meeting was not open to the public and no action was taken at the meeting. Fieldcrest Superintendent Michael Stagliano said that there is nothing to act on right now. It is reported that Ms. McNamara will take a paid leave of absence from coaching softball. The board will discuss the matter with the school district's attorney before making any decisions.

Judge Robert Freitag has set sentencing for Ms. McNamara on September 4.

The Westside Park Pavilion Committee met at City Hall Monday night, July 30, to finalize the design for the pavilion. Committee members at the meeting were Chairman Dean Barth, Nancy Stock, Sherry Stalter, and Dave Uphoff. Volunteers John and Edmona Lohr and Clara Fewell also attended.

The committee decided that blueprints were ready to be prepared so that bids can be solicited from area contractors. Dean Barth and Dave Uphoff made an appointment with Doug Melton of Farnsworth and Wiley to see if they can give an estimate on preparing the blueprints. The committee agreed to meet again on August 20 at 6:00 p.m. in the Westside Park to determine the location of the proposed structure.

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