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Mrs. John Goodwin house

The following information is from the Minonk News-Dispatch, October 11, 1979.

The Mrs. John Goodwin house is now is the site of the Victorian Oaks Bed and Breakfast at the corner of Fifth and Locust. Mrs. Goodwin was a sister to Albert Mingers whose house at 201 Locust was built with the same floor plan. Both of these homes were built between 1896-1898 by Fred Tucker a local builder (not to be confused with the Fred Tucker who was a contractor in Minonk a bit later). A large part of the work on the home was done by artisans from Chicago since financial panics in 1893 and 1895 had sent many city workmen into rural areas to seek employment.

The second photo of the house was taken from the south. This photo was sent to us by Bruce Bradley whose great grandfather was Reverend Albert Schoenhuth of the German Lutheran Church which is now St. Paul's United Church of Christ. The photo had the name J. A. Mingers on the side which probably meant that Mr. Mingers was in the picture.