A look at
Minonk's past

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Hawthorne Grade School 1935-36

The Hawthorne School was located three miles south of Minonk on Route 51 and 2 miles east.

The students who attended Hawthorne School in 1935 are pictured here: Paul Hartzler, Roland Bill, John Hartzler, Dean Janssen, Melvin Hartzler, Dale (Hoople) Janssen, Eddie Hartzler (front row, left to right), Doris (Janssen) Wyss, Billy Mueller, Mabelle Girsch, teacher, Freedy Hartzler, Irene Bill, and Helen Mueller (back row, left to right).

The class of 1936 that attended Hawthorne School were: Leone (Hartzler) Janssen, Doris Falk, Irma (Janssen) Fehr (seated, left to right), Norman Falk, Jean Mueller, Eddie Hartzler, Dale (Hoople) Janssen (second row, left to right), Paul Hartzler, John Hartzler, Roland Bill, Dorothea (Koch) Barth, teacher, Billy Mueller, Dean Janssen, Melvin Hartzler (left to right, back row).