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The Parkin-Butler Family

Myrtle Parkin and Ben Butler jr. were married in Washburn, IL in 1895. Here they raised three daughters. The accompanying photo was taken about 1917 and shows Myrtle (top), Dorothy (left), Madeline (right), and Lois (bottom).

Ben Butler jr, one of 10 children, was born in Washburn, as well as his wife Myrtle and their daughters. Ben worked as a brick mason and contractor who built structures throughout central Illinois and adjoining states. During the early 1900"s the family moved briefly to Minonk where the girls attended school. The family then moved to Chicago where Myrtle operated a pastry store while the girls attended high school. Dorothy graduated in 1916 and continued in a teachers academy where she obtained a credential. She taught briefly in Southern IL.

By 1918, during WW1, Lois met and later married Edward Hill, Madeline met and married William Ralston, and Dorothy met Albin Johnson sr., who had interrupted his dental school education to enlist in the Army. Upon discharge, he returned to school and graduated in 1919. Al and Dorothy were married in 1920 in St Paul, MN. Where he had accepted a dental practice. Their daughters, Malora Jean and Joan Marie were born there. (in 1943, Joan married Francis "Ollie" Schneider of Minonk)

In 1928, Dr. Johnson moved his practice to Minonk where he continued until ill health overcame him. He died in 1964. During WW2, Dorothy was active in the Red Cross and was a member and active in the Minonk Presbyterian Church. After "Doc's" death, she returned to teaching at Flanagan Elementary School. She also substituted at schools in California while visiting her son and daughter-in-law. She later moved to Florida and remarried. She remained active until her death in 1984

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