A look at
Minonk's past

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Fifth Street - Chinese Laundry

This photo of Fifth street looking west includes the laundry run by Sam Lee, a chinese immigrant. The building was located where the old post office used to be which would be the second store east of the alley on the south side of Fifth Street.

Sam Lee got into some trouble as reported in an article in the Minonk News-Dispatch of August 25, 1905.

"J. W. Tucker left laundry to the value of $5 or $6 with our laundry man, Sam Lee some time ago; in fact it was July 25. He went after it this morning and from the noise one would imagine the "Boxers" were on another raid. Sam told Mr. Tucker he had no laundry there and refused to let him look for himself. Constable McChesney was called and Sam permitted him to search the house but the goods were not found.

Sam is in the habit,or at least has done the like, of shipping the laundered goods to Peoria, where he sells them to a secondhand store. He generally takes advantage of strangers. He has no right to sell ones goods without notifying them and will probably get himself into serious complications if he continues his way of doing business. It's s good craft but it won't work on all of us, SAMBO."

Sam Lee sufffered a stroke in 1916 and was removed to the County Farm at Metamora in the Pop Truck by N. L. Davison and Harry D. Smith.