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Data Access

Burial information is easily accessible by both cemetery personnel and the public by making the information available on the internet.

Locate Graves

The public can easily determine the location of grave sites by clicking on a burial record. A digital cemetery map will be displayed showing the exact location. Again, this will reduce the need for inquiries to cemetery personnel.

Protect Data

By computerizing your cemetery burial records, the data is secured for the future with a user-controlled backup.

Facilitate Sales

The purchasing of burial sites will be made easier by having prices and location of available sites made accessible to the public via the internet.

Reduce Inquiry

Making burial records available to the public will allow viewers to obtain information on their own without having to ask cemetery personnel.

Create History

By allowing the public to submit information such as obituaries, photos, and missing information through the internet, an up-to-date historical record of the community is created.

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