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Internet Features

Internet updating

CWS's internet based system is unique by allowing information to be added to the cemtery database not only by cemetery personnel but also by internet viewers who may want to add missing or additional data to a burial record. The advantage of an internet based system is it allows cemetery personnel to update burial information from their home instead of having to do it from the office.

Internet cemetery maps

Having a map of the cemetery on an internet web site is a powerful feature. Most inquires about burial records is the location of a grave site. CWS's internet based system enables viewers to easily locate the location of a burial site just by entering the deceased's name and then clicking on the record. The location will be identified by a pointer on the cemetery map which can be printed out by the viewer.   To the right is an example of an aerial view of a cemetery with a red pinpoint identifying a grave site.

See For Yourself

The Minonk Township Cemetery is using the CWS Cemetery Web Site system. Click on this link or click on the image to the right to see for yourself what an internet web site can do for your cemetery.  

Reduced Inquiries

Having burial record information available on an internet site enables viewers to get information about burial records on their own instead of contacting cemetery personnel for information. This will reduce the workload of the cemetery personnel.

Create Historical Archive

CWS's internet based system contains much information beyond basic burial information. Data such as spouse name, birth location, death location, occupation, etc. add important historical information. The ability to add obituries, articles and photos greatly enhances the richness of the cemetery database. This information being made available to the public will provide an important archive of historical information to the community as well as to geneological researchers.

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