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Emails for May

Has no problem with cell phones

Hi Dave,

I have heard about Minonk being the "black cell phone hole", however I ususally don't have a problem! I generally use it on the East side of town, occasionally the dip in Mary St. can throw me out, but then again, we're not suppose to use the phone when we're driving right??? I'm very happy w/ Sprint.

Janis Megow

Bar code everybody's forehead


I purchased my 20th or so fishing license a couple weeks ago at KMART in Streator. I was surprised when the clerk asked me for my social security number for child support reasons. We had a short conversation. I gave her the social security number and drivers license. She then asked me if I was subject to a court order for child support. Which I am not etc.

I received a social security statement in which the top red notice said "Protect your Identity or Social Security number".

Now my identity sits in a cabinet in KMART.

Who is the joker who voted for this Law for fishing requiring that I disclose my social security number, sign that if I am lying I am committing purgery or fraud?

I have never been asked for my fishing license in the 20 years I bought them.

We might as well bar code everybody's forehead.

John Hawk

Is Minonk a cellular "dead hole"

I recently read an editorial, perhaps in the Minonk News Dispatch. The writer complained that Minonk seemed to be in a proverbial "black hole" when it comes to cellular service. Which cellular provider owns the cell tower southwest of Minonk along the interstate?

Arlen Ruestman

Editors reply: I believe the cell tower southwest of Minonk belongs to Sprint. Does anyone else know for sure?

Looking for info on Martin family

I am looking for information on the Martin Family history in your area. My grandfather was Wilbur D. Martin. He was born near Minonk. His father was S. A. Douglas Martin who passed away in 1940 in Minonk. His wife was Ida Martin. They have four daughters Maude,Helen, Dorothy and Elizabeth. S. A. Douglas Martin worked for the railroad in that area.

I just found out from a death certificate that Douglas's father was John Martin. If anybody knows of any information that could help I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Jerl Martin. jrmartin@rconnect.com I have an eighty year gap that I am trying to fill.

Thank you Jerl

Baseball a Sunday afternoon ritual

Hi Dave, The picture of the 1946 team and the piece about Sutton's Park brought back some memories. Shortly after that picture my Dad managed the Minonk Merchants for a year or two. Many of the same players were on those teams. For some reason, those games were played behind the high school and not Sutton's. I remember being the batboy and helping with the field prep, liming the batter's box etc. I remember trips to Roanoke, Wenona, Lacon, Toluca, Washburn, Secor, Benson. It was a Sunday afternoon ritual.

Bob Schmitz

Donations for telethon

Hi Dave!

The Children's Miracle Network telethon is scheduled for June 1 & 2, 2002 at the RiverPlex building in Peoria. My daughter, Kaitlyn Perry and I will be participating on Sunday, June 2, 2002 at 1:00 p.m. There is a two hour time slot designated to the heart patients from the Children's Hospital of Illinois. Kaitlyn and I will be a part of that segment. Our phone number for the telethon is 309-494-9370 for anyone who would like to help with their pledge. We are also accepting donations now until the telethon. Donations can me made by contacting me at home 432-2615. Just a little backround on Kaitlyn ~ she was a patient at the Children's Hospital of Illinois at Saint Francis Hospital in Peoria in November, 1998. She had open-heart surgery, due to a hole in her heart.

Thank you!
Stephanie Fuchs

Bicycles stolen off front porch


After coming back home this weekend we found that our kids bikes had been stolen off the front porch.

The bikes were found less than one block from the two kids that were seen riding them Saturday night downtown. I have recovered both bikes. One of them cost over $400.00 and we are happy to have it back.

I filled out a police report naming the two kids and Bill Butler was very helpful.

John Hawk

Disgusted with city council


Hi, I am just writing this as I get settled in Chicago. I attended a city council meeting on Mon, May 6th. I was completely appalled by what I experienced. First of all, I could not believe how few of Minonk's citizens were in attendance. Don't they care about what is going on in our town?

However, that was the least of my anxieties. I was utterly disgusted with the priorities of some of our council members. Since when is convenience more important than safety? I am referencing the discussion on the sewer problems. It came to my attention that there were two different sewer projects. One was the storm sewer issue, to relieve some of the water from building up at certain intersections on the southeast side of town. The other sewer project regarded the sanitary sewers, keeping waste from backing up. Anyone who has experienced a backup problem (ie, human waste in your yard or basement) knows that it is serious. NOt only can it be inconvenient to the resident(s) but also unhealthy. HOwever, Mr. Koos felt that the storm sewer project was more important and was quite insistent on getting that project into gear before the sanitary sewer project. In fact, Mr. Koos was rude to anyone who argued otherwise, rendering any arguments against his.

I have since moved away from Minonk. There are several reasons I have moved away from Minonk. Perhaps the largest reason is because of people like Bill Koos. There is a large group of people who want to see Minonk progress. I am not one to say that Bill Koos isn't part of this group, however he, and many others, does more harm than good to Minonk by his closed minded and ignorant attitude. Furthermore, when he argued with citizens or council members he refused to look them in the eye. To me that shows a complete lack of respect for his fellow citizens. In order to progress, Minonk citizens must show respect to one another.

Thank you for your time.

Michelle Johnson

Can't wait to visit Minonk

Hello. My name is Rachel Brandt, and I would just like to say that your town is great. I heard about your wonderful little town from my geography teacher. You may know him as Mr. Geringer or Mr.G. I love your historic main street and wonderful community. I think it is great that you guys had one of the first coal mines in the area. The Jumbo seems very awesome, it's too bad I missed it. It is so great how Minonk has modernized in such a short time. I can't wait to visit your great little town.

~Rachel Brandt~

Who is responsible for the band stand being torn down?

Two former Military members named A.Brown and Z. Black..in a conversation and who just recently received the letter for donations for the picnic pavilon which honors all of the war veterans from the Minonk area..They were quite surprised to read the first memorial band stand in the Minonk City Park on the west part of Minonk had been torn down..this memorial was built in 1922 through the efforts of the women of Minonk who made it possble (never underestimate the power of the women)..the band stand stood out in all its glory including lights and rest rooms....now all that is left is the Memorial Plaque which hopefully will find its resting place in the new proposed pavilion to occupy the former setting..... The following is a quote by a Mr. A.Brown veteran "What I do not understand is who is responsible for the band stand to be torn down in the first place.... and who allowed it to become so neglected that it had to be "trashed"...in all the treasures of Minonk...no one cared to remember us with a little TLC." Another veteran Quote: Mrs Z, Black military nurse speaking out "Now I have to ask why in all my travels in the military did I see so much restoration on so many places that have been built hundreds of years and no one saw the band stand in Minonk getting a raw deal...I read that a committee had been appointed origionally to oversee the project...per usual it was too small an issue so lets demolish it....Gee whiz!!!!!what happened?...now I have to wonder if my name will be on a plaque for $500 for making freedom possible....we possibly should get our priorities in order...I cannot help thinking about all the contributors to this pavilion that cannot fulfil the $500 recognition fee...are they being left behind...maybe so,,,huh?"

Now I myself have this to say regarding my donation...it will be there by July 02...it will not get acolades or" whooplas" on the insidewall...but I do thank my country...... however for its freedom for me to write this letter and to thank my father...my husband....my brother and my son for their contributions for the service they gave toward this award.

Joan (Johnson) Schneider
Sun Lakes, Arizona

Editor's reply:Joan. As a member of the original bandstand committee, I did everything I could to prevent its destruction. It curiously happened to be torn down when I was on a business trip to Australia for 3 weeks. Regarding the names on the plaque for large donations, I wish to emphasize that we appreciate all donations and do not value one over the other. It is common practice to place large donor names on plaques. Everyone who gives will be recognized on this website and in the local paper and amounts will not be listed. The idea behind the larger donations is for families to pool their money and have the donation in memory of some loved one whose name would be on the plaque. The important thing is for everyone to contribute what they can.