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Emails for April 2003

Councilman comments on landfill


I read your recent article on the I-55 garbage. I respect your opinion on the landfill issue and I am sure that it is echoed by many. I will do my best over the next few years to vote on each issue keeping the residents of Minonk in mind. I welcome everyone's suggestions not only on the landfill, but other issues that may face the council.

I encourage each residence to contact me at russellq@elpaso.net or at home.

Truly yours,

Russell Ruestman

Former resident enjoys articles on website

As a former resident, I very much enjoy reading all of your articles. I left the Minonk area in 1958 after my sophomore year but have many happy memories. I especially enjoyed seeing the article about the Princess Sweet Shop as I worked there as a teenager. Keep up the great work.

Brenda Brady Melvin

Clarification on displaying the flag


I did not intend this to be a political statement for or against the war in Iraq, only a statement of patriotism and pride in my country, community and my flag. I will clarify my comments by saying, there are those who are flying flags that are tattered, torn and faded. I find this very offensive and after seeing several flags being flown in this manner I thought I would voice my feelings on it and for what it's worth, I agree with Mr. Johnson.

Thanks again
Bob Jackson

Non-citizens dying in Iraq

I was very surprised to learn that our Marines aren't afforded citizenship before being put in combat situations.

This seems very wrong. Two marines were made citizens last week. They died in IRAQ first.

John Hawk

Fly the flag properly or take her down


I just wanted to write hoping that some of the residents and business owners of Minonk might read this and take it to heart.

I have noticed that there are several American flags being flown in Minonk that are at best a DISGRACE not only to our men and women in the armed forces who are currently putting their young lives on the line to protect what she stands for, but also for the rest of the citizens of Minonk. My suggestion is if you can not afford to fly her correctly take her down NOW. If you are unaware of the guide lines for flying our country's flag contact the American Legion or VFW for help.

Thank you

Bob Jackson

Editor's note: Flag etiquette can be found at the following website http://www.usa-flag-site.org/etiquette.shtml.

Minonk is the best town around

I had to reply to that comment (Editorial) Dave because I have found that I really miss Minonk ! I do not think I deserved it to be honest. I did not fully appreciate it. Now I do! It makes a huge difference to have the Police right in town....Minonk is not really noisy because of that and there is less problems there due to having Police patrol in town. Also it is very nice to have ones mail delivered right to your door ! Oh those little things that I took for granted...and almost everyone knowing who I am. ...Yes. Minonk is the best town around I think.

Wanda Patterson

Editor's note: The writer moved away from Minonk last year.

Comments on landfill litter

I traveled interstate 55 recently also. I had the same discussion with Debra on the way back from Wheaton. No one was throwing plastic shopping bags out the window of their car but you are so right. They are from the big garbage haulers that could be rolling here. I signed the petition against the landfill years ago even though I was not strongly against it. After seeing what has happened to the interstate I have a strong opinion now!

Jack Daniel Devine

Minonk garden memories

Hi, Dave...

Albin Johnson's piece brought reflections on my grandpa Seggerman's garden, which he took great pride in. He grew anything that would sprout from the earth from tomatoes to rhubarb. Grandma Kettelhut's rhubarb pie was so delicious that it was gone in one setting. I ate most of it.

I also remember the "Grossman girls". I don't know if I'm spelling the name right, but they lived a few blocks up from the Minonk Cemetery, on the corner, I think. Mom would send me down there every now and then to get their veggies. What a garden they had, everything you could possibly want. I remember they wore those old bonnet type hats, and they were always out in that garden, taking care of it. I often wonder if there's still a garden there, or if time has erased it.

Just a few more memories stirred up here. Minonk! What a wonderful town to grow up in. I miss it, and hope that the folks there will always cherish their memories as well.

Thanks, again, Dave for preserving our heritage through Minonk Talk.

Art Kettlehut

Editor's note: The garden that Art is referring to was that of the Grassman sisters who lived at the northwest corner of Eighth and Maple. The site is now the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cunningham.

Excessive speed on Interstate highways

Often I have thought that I should write to IDOT or whomever is in charge of the interstate and ask them why they don't just take all the signs down and erase all the traffic laws. Everytime you travel on the interstates you take your life into your hands. The driving is dangerous and stressfull.

Everytime I drive I see:

Excessive speed, over 80 is typical. Tailgating, I've seen people tailgate gas tanker trucks. Don't people know that truck brakes are held open by air pressure to the brakes? If the air pressure fails, the truck stops hard. Tailgating is a tactic to get the traffic in front of you to speed up beyond the speed limit. The whole thing is a joke. Trucks are suppose to go 55. They go 50 - 80mph. Cars are suppose to go 65. They go 65-90mph. I almost never see anyone going slower than 65 in the left lane. I don't support any new laws to regulate which lane you break another law in. (Excessive Speeding) Typically I push the speed limit a little to get around slower trucks without being run over. So while I am passing the truck a car going 85+ appears from no where and tail gates me, even when I have no place to go because there is another vehicle in front of me. I've seen Illinois troopers tailgate many times in just such scenarios.

Why can't we just be happy when we get to our destination alive without killing anyone else?

John Hawk


Is this about flying the flag? Is it about doing it or not, or maybe you did but now you will not. San Clemente, where I live, borders on Camp Pendleton and is 60 miles north of the San Diego Naval Base. Home for home, there are probably more veterans living here as in most cities our size in the U.S. On my street of "white collar" workers there are 63 homes where (today) there are 10 flags flying , most since 911 and flying both day and night. My son plays in a community band that held a recent concert at the Nixon Library. The audience of about 200 were asked that all veterans stand as a certain patriotic song was played. The showing of older vets, both men and women ,was astounding. I'm not sure that some of these people would have voted for Bush, or would agree with our foreign policy, or accept the reasons why we send our Pendleton Marines and San Diego Sailors to "liberate" Iraq. I personally don't agree with phoney sit-ins or verbal invectives shown by many disenters, BUT I do know with all my heart and being that when "Freedom of Speech" is forbidden, and our right to disagree is questioned, we are courting some one as evil as Hitler, Stalin, Saddam or Idi Amin to direct our lives. So, let's enlist or not, fly flags or not, vocally agree or not; BUT when the daily news from Iraq reaches us, remember that those young people are there whether they want to or not, and are facing danger whether or not!!! NOT US!!!!

Albin Johnson

Enjoys website from Bloomington


Just got a chance to review your Minonk website and wanted to tell you how nice we think it is. It is very professional and covers just about all aspects of the community. We especially enjoyed reading about the students and school functions.

Barb and Lorin Stevens
Bloomington, IL