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Emails for February 2001

Looking for information on Pickard family

Your website is the greatest! What a wonderful way to share.
I'm attaching a picture of Samuel Lockwood and Jane Pickard. Jane is the daugher (3rd child, sister to Thomas Pickard) of Alfred and Sophia Pickard, who moved to Minink in 1865. I located the Thomas Pickard house, (this website--currently occupied by Bud Schneider), and would like to hear from anyone related to the Pickard's. I understand that a stained glass window in the Minonk Baptist Church has the names of Alfred and Sophia Pickard, but I've not been able to find a picture attesting to that. Does anyone know where I might find a picture? Also, would love any information that might be available on Samuel Lockwood, husband of Jane Pickard. Understand he was at Gettysburg during the Civil War, (Co H. 111th Inf. N.Y.) was wounded, discharged 12/31/1863. Have been unable to find anything on Samuel prior to marrying Jane Pickard. I believe they were married in Minonk sometime after she arrived from England in 1865.

I am a 3rd great grand-daughter of Alfred and Sophia Pickard.
e-mail: balowmsg@onemain.com.

Thank you, Sherry Balow

Reply to "Restore Downtown" editorial

Right on! The IGA facade is singularly ugly, defacing the whole block. It should be removed, of course, to help restore the architectural integrity of the area. Who put up this monstrosity, and why? Who owns it now? Good luck on restoration of the downtown area.

Dr. Dean Uphoff
West Hartford, CT

What happened to Minonk's school trophies?

I hope you are able to solve a matter which I have tried to solve myself. I have been told that all of the trophies which had been in the high school trophy cases before the high school became Fieldcrest were removed. Now my question is what became of those trophies and picture? One person said that they were given away, anothersaid they just disappeared. No one who I have talked to could come up with a answer. I cannot believe that these items were not saved as part of Minonk school history. I have fond memories playing four years of basketball,track,baseball and two years of tennis . So I would like to see that these items again appear as part of Minonk history.

Bob Cufaude

Editors note: If anyone knows the whereabouts of the trophies, please email us.

Non-native likes Minonk

Dave, I read your website every morning, first thing. I was surprised to read that non-natives seem to do the most complaining. Joyce and I moved to Minonk almost 12 years ago. My transfer was to be a four year assignment. However, as things often work that are beyond our control, my responsibilities increased, and we are still here. Part of the reason for that is because we like Minonk! There are always things that you would change if you could. That is why we get involved. We have volunteered with school projects, city items, and Joyce is involved with the food pantry through our church (Presbyterian,) which we love.

I would say to those who are unhappy, get involved, or move on. We will always work on behalf of Minonk while we live here. It is our responsibility as citizens. Keep up the fine work.

Joe Limbaugh
Minonk, IL