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List of contributors to Westside Park pavilion fund

The fund drive to collect $34,000 to help build the Westside Park pavilion has almost been met with over $32,500 contributed or pledged. The Westside Park Pavilion Adhoc Committee wishes to thank those who have helped us reach our goal.

The committee is appreciative of the generous giving of the contributors in spite of the economic downturn that the country has been experiencing. Without your dollars the construction of the pavilion will not have been possible. The contributors efforts will have a very positive impact on the Minonk community and the pavilion will be a lasting symbol of their charity.

Over 106 contributors have given money so far with 40 of the contributors being from outside of Minonk.

The Minonk City Council has given its approval for the project to proceed to the bidding and construction stage and we hope to have construction of the pavilion completed this fall.

The list below contains only the names of those who conributed to the most recent fund drive. Before this last fund drive, there had been $7,000 contributed from early fund raisers. We unfortunately do not have the names of those earlier contributors but their contributions are appreciated as well.

We would like to emphasize that the fund drive remains open as money will be needed also to complete interior enhancements. The completed structure will not have any kitchen appliances or cabinets. In addition, there will be no heating installed. These features will be added at a later date as money becomes available. In addition, there will be a need for furnishings such as tables and benches.

This list will be continually updated with new contributors. Those who wish to make a donation can send a check made out to "The Community Action Fund" and sent to the following address:

Dave Uphoff
1996 County Road 2500 E
Minonk, IL 61760


Organization City State
Alpha Community Bank Minonk IL
American Legion Minonk IL
Casey's Ankeny Iowa
The Farnsworth Group Bloomington IL
Froelich Memorial Homes Minonk IL
Heritage Enterprises Bloomington IL
Meyer-Jochums Agency Minonk IL
Minonk Township Minonk IL
Rob Morris Lodge Minonk IL
S.M.F., Inc. Minonk IL
Richard & Peggy Voitik(V. P. Circle) Hudson IL

Individual contributors

First name Last Name City State
Earl & Suzanne Anderson Bloomington IL
Gloria Avant Houston TX
William & Emily Bane Dana IL
Jean Barth Minonk IL
Bonner Baker Minonk IL
Dean & Shirley Barth Minonk IL
Robert & Roberta Barth Minonk IL
Dolores Block Minonk IL
Henry & Linda Budde Minonk IL
Howard & Alice Builta Minonk IL
JoAnn Broecker Alta Loma CA
Dan & Debby Cargill Minonk IL
Jeanne C. Centers Peoria IL
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Copp Minonk IL
Patrick Copp Minonk IL
Donna & Howard Cremer Glen Carbon IL
Jack Cullen Washington IL
Marjorie Cullen Washington IL
Robert & Myra Cufaude Minonk IL
Brian & Carol Davis Kansas City MO
Donna Rae Eilts Minonk IL
Wilma Elliott Peoria IL
Jack Devine Minonk IL
Wilma C Elliott Peoria IL
Mildred Falk Minonk IL
Virgil Folkerts Minonk IL
Lowell & Lisa Forney Toluca IL
Susan GardnerSalmon San Jose CA
Don & Kathi Grampp St. Louis MO
Thomas & Lynda Guinnee Watseka IL
Annabelle Halberg Minonk IL
Darlene Handley Minonk IL
Warren & Thelma Hammerich Peru IL
Gary & Janet Harms Benson IL
Darlene Harms Minonk IL
Jane Hawk
Roger Hawk Toulon IL
William Herman, Sr. Minonk IL
Doris Hershbarger Champaign IL
Jean Hock Minonk IL
Deborah Huffman Seattle WA
Barbara Hutchison San Jose CA
Jack & Joan Jochums Minonk IL
Albin & Marilyn Johnson San Clemente CA
B. Eldon & Louise Johnson Minonk IL
Jon & Carol Johnson Joliet IL
Randy & Jeri Sue Johnson Minonk IL
Merle Kalkwarf Minonk IL
Judy Kalkwarf Minonk IL
Jerome & Janet Kemp Minonk IL
Tom & P.J. Ketchmark Minonk IL
Art Kettlehut TX
Ann Knighton
Irma Kuehl Minonk IL
Stephen & Brenda Lewis Minonk IL
John & Edmona Lohr Minonk IL
Margaret Louis Minonk IL
First name Last Name City State
Shirley Lutomski Minonk IL
Bill & Velva Martinie Morton IL
Melvin & Phyllis Matter Minonk IL
Ray & Barbara Matter Minonk IL
Mike & Diane May Minonk IL
Russ & Lila McCulley Minonk IL
Marilyn Milashoski Minonk IL
Larry & Mary Miles Minonk IL
Loren & Lila Miller Leesburg FL
Kenneth Nunn Carlye IL
Marie Oltman Minonk IL
Gene Oncken Minonk IL
Jari Lynn Oncken Minonk IL
Herc & Irene Paloumpis Normal IL
Richard Park Minonk IL
Ruth Park Minonk IL
Norbert & Dorothy Petri Minonk IL
Roger & Barbara Petri Minonk IL
Virgil & Jeanne Petri Hot Springs Village AR
Jack and Geraldine Pierce Peotone IL
Pat Reily Fitzsimmons Little Silver NJ
Barb Reily Little Silver NJ
Robert Riely Minonk IL
Ralph & Bernie Rossman Normal IL
Robert & Joyce Schmitz Streator IL
Joan Schneider Sun Lakes AZ
Guy & Cari Schultz Minonk IL
Adelyn Seggerman Minonk IL
Mark Spencer Minonk IL
Michael Spencer Minonk IL
John & Jane Seiler Champaign IL
Larry Stalter Minonk IL
James & Marcia Stolt Minonk IL
Donald & Irene Sullivan Des Plaines IL
Don & Eileen Sutter Danville IL
Ruth Timmerman Minonk IL
Denise Thorp
Jerome Dean Tucker Minonk IL
Norma Turner Minonk IL
Daryle Uphoff Excelsior MN
David Uphoff Minonk IL
Dean & Ann Uphoff West Hartford CT
Jim Uphoff Lorton VA
Robert & Margy Uphoff Minonk IL
Millie Vallow Minonk IL
Barth Weistart Phoenix AZ
James Weistart Rochester IL
Jerry Weistart Chillicothe IL
John Weistart Raleigh NC
Pat White Minonk IL
Vicki Wilham Canton IL
Duane Woltzen Port Washington WI
James K. Wylie Bloomington IL