A look at
Minonk's past

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Minonk Dairy Products

Art Zivney started the Minonk Dairy Products Company in 1934. The company is still located at 205 Oak and is now known as Zivney Cheese Inc. Mr. Zivney and his sons Ray and Shirley ran the company for many years. Ray's son Jeff is now manager of the company.

Years ago the Minonk Dairy had its own fleet of milk trucks that would go throughout the area each morning to collect milk from the local farmers for use in making cheese and powdered milk and butter. Today the company specializes in making cheese that is made from milk brought in by tanker trucks. The cheese is sold locally and also is marketed to cities all over the country.

Shown here is a fleet of milktrucks that collected milk from local farmers each morning.

Milk trucks from the 1940's.

Loading milk cans from the truck into the factory.