March 2005
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Fieldcrest students want racetrack

I whole-heartedly agree with Martha Eikenmeyer Owens about the racetrack. Being a high schooler doesn't help every time the school wants the community to vote on a referendum. If the racetrack gets built, the NHRA (National HotRod As.) might recgonize the school district and maybe even, if we're lucky, fund the schools in our area.

After doing some research, I found out that the average drag strip alone offers 150 jobs! This is a lot of jobs. Better security would be needed, pushing the police dept. on getting more full-time officers to secure the town. Improved rescue and fire teams would be needed to help out in the event of an accident. Racing channels, such as Speed Channel or Nascar, would bring in publicity that would put this town on the map.

Being a 16-year-old probably means that I can't vote on this decision, but on behalf of most of the students at Fieldcrest High, we would like the racetrack to be built.

Our town is said to be the first town with electric street lights. If that is true, lets keep going with it to Minonk, Illinois to have the first racetrack/dragstrip in the area.

Kelby M. Tarmann

Explanation for pulled signs

To Whom May Be Concerned,

This is regarding particular political signs that were placed in our deceased parents yard.

Recently political signs were posted at this location without the permission from the owner, which now happens to be the daughters of the deceased Minonk couple. Upon arriving to start a dreaded task of cleaning out our parent's house, we noticed some political signs in the yard. We pulled the signs and disposed of them. We felt that there was no need to put the signs in the yard since there was no one in this house to support either party. All three of us daughters live outside the Minonk voting area. This was not an immature act or an act to support one or the other parties running for mayor, simply a removal of signs due to lack of permission by the owners to put them there.

Not only did we hear the uproar over the missing signs, but our spouses and children came under attack also. I really think that the people of Minonk should focus on more important issues that need to be dealt with than a few missing signs from a residence where people no longer live.

We three surviving children have had an extremely difficult time these past months with losing two beloved parents in such a short time. We find your sign problem very insignificant in light of other matters.

We were asked to send this note on Minonk Talk by a resident so that all would know the REAL reason the signs were pulled.

The daughters of Bob & Geneveive Walls... Jill, Brenda & Karen

Stray cat problem


Is it just me or are others in town having a problem with stray cats? The day I found the pile of red feathers was the last straw............they had killed a cardinal! Actually, the cat owners in my neighborhood are very responsible and I have called all around the surrounding couple of blocks to find out who these cats belong to and no one seems to know. So where are they coming from? I've heard there might be a problem over on 10th Street at the trailer court. When I called the city I was pretty much told to kill them or dump them, and when I called the animal control in Eureka I was told that they don't do cats! (maybe they should change their name to Dog Control then instead of Animal Control). I don't want to hurt these animals, I just want them out of my yard. I love to feed the birds and I have a pond with fish and I feel that it is my right to have these things in my yard without having to worry about irresponsible pet owners letting their cats come into my yard and destroy them.

Joanie Miller

Racetrack will provide jobs for young people


I've just read your editorial regarding the possibility of the racetrack development. While I have some mild concerns about the noise having come from a city with a 1/4 mile dirt track with races every Friday night, I agree with you that it is a wonderful opportunity for the city of Minonk.
One thing that I haven't heard mentioned is the opportunity for the young people of Minonk. Since moving here in 2002, my wife and I have heard people talk about the lack of jobs for the teenagers, particularly the young men. The seasonal jobs that are being talked about with this racetrack will be exactly the types of jobs that can be filled by the teenage workforce, ticket takers, parking, concessions, custodial, etc... If this community is really as concerned about their youth as they seem to be from all the talks about the schools, I would think that the decision in the community would be unanimously for the development of this racetrack.

Keep up the good work with the website


Jeffrey Carver

Missing signs

I just read the letter from Sherry Stalter. I was about to email you about the two signs missing from my own yard.
This is the acts of a few people who are not adult enough to conduct themselves as such. This is not only the actions of losers but shows me that I have made the right choice in who's sign I decided to place in my yard. My neighbor has an opposing sign in his yard yet it remains, Huh! What does that tell you? I will protect his right to have his sign and report anyone I see tampering with it. Like I said in my original letter to you, " if the choice is going back to the dark ages of Minonk politics or moving forward I choose Mark Spencer".

Bob Jackson

Ripping up campaign signs an immature act


Your site is hopping lately with all of the latest school happenings and the city of Minonk happenings. I would like to commend you for doing a great job.

On another note, as I was getting ready this morning for work, my husband came home after taking our daughter to the bus stop to tell me about "Mark Spencer" signs ripped out of peoples yards during the night. Some were laying in the middle of the road and others were completely missing. I know the community is aware that this is not going to be a very pretty election, but sometimes that is the democratic way. We do not need to act like immature people. How poor of someone to do this. "Shame on you!!" to whoever did this act. It makes a person mad and the first reaction is to do the same back to the opponent, but that is not the answer. I hope this was not an act of Bill Koos or his supporters, but maybe a kid doing it as a joke. I also hope that Mark Spencer and his supporters do not do the same to Mr. Koos's signs. This was an issue on the news several nights ago regarding signs being taken out of yard and ripped in half down in Peoria. Does one not realize the cost and time put into these signs? Think about this before you do it again.

Once again this touches on the issue that Jason Buchanan mentioned regarding the vandalism happening in our community. We do need to crack down on this issue and if some parents or kids get mad, so be it!! People need to take pride in their community and be proud enough to do so.

In closing I just ask that both sides have the maturity not to do such acts of destruction. We need to be proud of where we live - so "Show It and Prove It"!!!

Sherry Stalter

Greetings from Holland

I found your site when looking for information about Illinois. Very nice and informative. I made a link from my website, so everyone can enjoy it. When placing this link is a problem, please let me know and I will remove it from my site.
You can find my website at:

Greetings from Holland

Jan Kersten

Supports racetrack

I am really impressed with the fact that someone (Randy Hellyer) sees some very positive value in locating in Minonk. The size of the proposed racetrack, the jobs it would create, and the tax money it would generate for both the city and the school district are all very positive factors for Minonk...and it could not come at a better time given the financial state of the school district.

I won't be there to hear all the pros and cons, but, as someone who still pays a healthy tax bill back there, I would like to add my voice to those favoring going forward with this project.

As I told someone, I think Minonk's ship is finally coming in, and I hope the it is allowed to land. I think the potential benefits to Minonk are numerous. This is definitely not an opportunity that happens often in Minonk.

Martha Eikenmeyer Owens

Both candidate's signs ripped up

I totally agree with Sherry on this. However, there were a number of Bill Koos signs either kicked over or stolen as well. Unfortunately it happened to both candidates. This happened back in October for the Presidential Election as well. I just hope we can find out who is doing this and they are punished. It is unfortunate that each Candidate can't put out signs for fear of some kids or whoever knocking them over or tearing them up. It boils down to not having any respect for our City and the people who live in it.

Jason E Buchanan