A look at
Minonk's past

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Civil War veteran and WW I veterans

This pictures shows four veterans posing in what appears to be the main street parking lot. In the background is the old Woodford Hotel on Oak Street.

The first person on the left is Philander M. Burton (1845-1930) who was a civil war veteran. The remaining veterans from left to right are John Ralph Gregorich, George Greskoviak, and George Ewing. It is believed that all were World War I veterans. George Ewing was a rural route postal carrier for many years.

According to research by Jari Lynn Oncken there are 65 Civil War veterans buried in the Minonk Township Cemetery. In addition, 82 World War I, 109 World War II, and 11 Vietnam veterans are buried in the Minonk Township Cemetery.

In St. Patrick's Cemetery, 5 Civil War, 39 World War I, and 50 World War II veterans are buried.