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Vissering Mercantile employees - 1949

This photo of employees at the Vissering Mercantile store was taken in 1949 during the store's 60th anniversary sale. The employees are from left to right: Fank Zulz, Arthur Foster, John Glowacki, Jake Meierhofer, Eddie McManus, Donald VonBehren, John A. Millard, Howard Vissering, Blanche Vissering, Viola Beckmann, Lucy Glowacki, Ruth Fehring, Bobbie Goff, Junior Stalter, John Vissering, Jr., Mary Petri, Walter Beckmann, Nell Fitzgerald, Alta Johnson, Herman Vissering, Esther Kohl, Mamie Neu, Minnie Graack.

This picture was taken in the Millinery store which is presently the site of Pop's Sweet Shop.