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Minonk's past

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Sutton Gardens

From an article in the Minonk News-Dispatch, August 24, 1939
This photo of Sutton Gardens was taken in 1939. The gardens were located on the east side of old Route 51 or North Chestnut Street at the north edge of the city right before the first curve.

The garden was a memorial by W. G. Sutton, proprietor of the Minonk Coalmine, to his daughter Lucille Ann. The garden was planned as a landscaping project by Sutton and his daughter in 1934 when it was nothing but a weed patch.

Before the flowers were in bloom, however, the daughter became ill and was taken to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She died in October without ever seeing her hobby developed.

Mr. Sutton did all the planning of the plot, which was 600 feet long and 80 feet wide. At either end of the garden was a large bed of Mr. Sutton's favorite flower, the red canna.

High shrubs form the background with lilac and rose bushes in front of these. In the front center was a large green glass stone. When the stone was first placed there it weighed 4,200 pounds. Many of the small pieces were taken as souvenirs.

Notice the Minonk "Jumbo" located in the background. It since has been taken down and used as fill for the Interstate 39 overpasses.