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Fieldcrest Board Agenda Jan. 25th

Monday, January 23, 2023 Posted by Sherry Tjaden

Fieldcrest Community Unit School District #6

Board of Education

Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday January 25, 2023

Closed Session 6:00PM

Regular Meeting Following closed session or 6:30PM

LOCATION: Fieldcrest High School, Minonk  

  1. Call to Order - Roll Call

Public statement: The Fieldcrest Community Unit School District Board of Education is a deliberative and policy-making body, and follows a planned agenda at each meeting. The Board does not debate the subject of public comments during the meeting nor take immediate action on such comments, but rather may take any comments under review in making decisions and establishing policies. 

  1. Closed Session 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1) at 6:00PM 
  1. Regular Session
    1. Welcome
    2. Vision Statement - Tomorrow's Leaders Learning Today
    3. Pledge of Allegiance 
  1. Public Communications to the Board
    1. Persons addressing the Board should be guided and constrained by Board Policy 2:230. Copies are available online: https://www.boardpolicyonline.com/?b=fieldcrest_6  
  1. Action Items for Approval
    1. Prior Meeting Minutes (a1, a2)
    2. District Financial Report
      1. Revenue
      2. Expenditure
      3. Balance Sheet
    3. Treasurer's Report & Bills Payable
    4. Imprest

a.     Personnel

                                     i.        Charlene Hamann - Teacher

                                    ii.        Charlene Hamann - Cross Country Coach

                                   iii.        Rebekah Chong - TA

                                   iv.        Polly Richards - HS TA

                                    v.        Joanne Pesavento - MS Vocal and Instrumental

                                   vi.        Lisa Lindstrom - Track

                                  vii.        Lisa Lindstrom - Media Specialist Class at the MS

                                 viii.        Brianna Schmitt - Math Interventionist at the Intermediate

                                   ix.        Matthew Pellican - MS - 1:1 TA

b.     Phase 3 Bids

                                     i.        Alt Bid 3 Add concrete and Misc. At new bus drop off Add: $164,207.14 (Knapp Concrete and Zeller Electric

                                    ii.         Alt. Bid 4 Entrance canopy Cafeteria/Commons Entrance Add: $122,578.90 (Hein & Knapp)

1.     Drawing

                                   iii.        Alt Bid 5 Added Parking lot for buses on east side of HS. Add: $197,653.44 (Knapp Concrete and Zeller Electric)

                                   iv.        Alt Bid 6 Paving at the Ag Shop Driveway.  Add: $29,237.00 (Knapp Concrete and Zeller Electric)

c.     Approve Second Reading of Press Plus Issue 110 Policy as Presented

d.     Approve School Year 2023-2024 Calendar

e.     Approve Series 2021 Bonds Abatement Resolution

f.      Approve 36 Month Frontier Phone Service Agreement 

  1. Administrative Report
    1. Principal's Reports
      1. Primary
      2. Intermediate School
      3. Middle School
      4. High School
    2. Superintendent's Report Mr. Miller 
  1. Committees and Board Comments 
  1. Student Representative Comments  
  1.  Other
    1. Card from Donna Stromberg
    2. Card from Harry H. Kreiser 
  1.  Future Meetings

a.     Joint Retreat with Minonk City Board - Jan 30, 2022HS Commons at 6:00PM  

  1. Closed Session 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(1) (If Applicable) 
  1. Adjournment