A look at
Minonk's past

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Petri brothers in uniform

This photo shows the seven Petri brothers from Minonk in their World War II uniforms. The sons of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Petri all seven served in the military during World War II.

Twins John and Julian entered the navy at the same time and were with the Seabees. John spend 14 months overseas in Guam while Julian spent 15 months serving in the Okinawa campaign.

Virgil, a marine, spent four years in service including 39 months overseas in Hawaii, the Iwo Jima campaign, and the occupation of Japan.

Marion was in the navy and saw overseas duty.

From left to right: Julian, Joseph, Virgil, Norbert, Marion, John, and Eugene Petri.

Norbert was in the Army Air Corps and was one of the heroes of the famed Ploesti oil field bombing raid in Romania.

Joseph was in the army and served in the Pacific.

Eugene was also in the army and was a training sergeant and was the only one of the seven brothers not sent overseas.