A look at
Minonk's past

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"Peppy Six" girls

This picture of the "Peppy Six" girls came from the estate of the late Carola Antons. Here is her description of the group from her diary.

In 1922, our sophomore year in High School, six of us, all good friends, organized a small club and called ourselves the "Peppy Six".

In the picture above was Margaret Cassens, Mildred White, Kathyrn Parks (our advisor), Neoma Besser, Alsie Parks, Carola Grampp and Sarah Parks.

We had many happy times together socially and went on a lot of hikes and had picnics. We invaded the Princess Sweet Shop very frequently, and always ordered a pineapple float. Tom Paloumpis the owner listed the pineapple float in their printed menu as the "Peppy Six special".

Margaret took sick in the winter, we sent her gifts so she would have one to open every day, visited her and tried to bring her some cheer.

She died on my 16th birthday, that was the saddest birthday I ever had. We were close friends since we were very small. Her sisters, Lois and I became very close after Margaret was gone.

The Peppy Six, now five of us stayed together until we graduated, remaining close friends.

Later years we started a Round Robin letter. Sarah went to Japan to teach, so she wasn't in the letter. Mildred lived in California. Alsie was in Colorado, Neoma lived in Farmer City, and I lived in Minonk. We kept the letter going for many years.