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Tom Paloumpis & Oliver Parks - 1920

This photo was taken in the early 1920's. From the left is Tom Paloumpis, Minnie Gerdes, and Oliver Parks. Tom Paloumpis and his brother Nick ran the Princess Sweet Shop at 520 Chestnut Street from 1914 until the 1960's. Oliver Parks worked for awhile at the Princess Sweet Shop after serving in World War I.

Tom's daughter, Mary Hallick, said that her father used a chocolate cake recipe from Jane Parks, wife of Fred Parks, and sister in law to Oliver Parks. A piece of cake was dipped in chocolate from the Princess Sweet Shop and was called "Uncle Tom's Cabin". It was sold for a nickel until Tom decided to quit selling the treat because it became too expensive to make and he didn't think he could sell it for a dime.

Oliver Parks and his brother Harvey later started Parks Air College in St. Louis. The brothers taught airplane mechanics and gave flying lessons during the 20's and 30's. The Parks brothers were good friends with Charles Lindberg who flew mail between Chicago and St. Louis. Harvey Parks later was killed in an airplane crash. Photo courtesy of Kenneth Rients.