Minonk Buildings of the Past

Minonk's downtown business district was built in the mid to late 1800's in the Victorian style popular for that era.
Most of the original buildings are still standing although, unfortunately, many of their Victorian facades have been covered up with metal or shingles. Many of Minonk's old landmarks that have been torn down are listed below. To view a picture just click on the desired building.

A & P Grocery Store - 1940's
Allen-Caldwell store - 1900's
Bandstand in city park
Baptist parsonage 1950's -
Bradbury Grocery Store
Cities Service gas station
City Hall early 1900's
City Hall - 1910's
City Hall - 1919
Coral Lounge
C. R. Danforth house - West Fourth St
Dana Elevators Early 1900's -
Dasher Hotel - Sixth and Walnut Streets
Frank Grampp building - 600 block of Chestnut
Gambles Store opening - 1946
Gardner's Hatchery
German Evangelical Church
Goodwin house - Fifth and Locust St.
Goodwin house - East Fourth Street
Grade School - 1950's
Grampp Poultry Store
Granerts clothing factory
Grassman house
Guthmann's Bakery - Oak Street
Henry Pfaffle House in 1888 -
Herman Meils Grocery - 1901
Homestead Restaurant - 1950's
Kuehl's Tavern- 1940's
Illinois Central depot - 1900's
Illinois Central depot and the Petie Eich
Illinois Central depot 1920's
Illinois Central Depot - 1909
Illinois Central Depot - Between Oak and Chestnut Streets
Illinois Central freight house
IOOF Building - 1903
Johnnies DX service station
Jones Service Station
Ketchy's Tavern
Livingston Elevator
Livingston house - 500 block Locust St.
Lutheran Church - 1940's

Methodist Church 1920's
Mingers house - 201 Locust St.
Mingers house - 1910's
Minonk Builder's Supply
Minonk Builder's Supply
Minonk Electric Light & Power office
Minonk Electric Light & Power power room
Minonk Electric Light & Power building
Minonk Garage Company - 1940's
Minonk Grade School 1920's - 500 block of Johnson Street
Minonk Grain Elevators - Main Street
Minonk High School 1890- Maple and Fifth Street
Minonk High School 1910 - Maple and Fifth Street
Minonk High School 1930's
Minonk Mill 1900's - West Fourth and Lincoln Streets
Minonk Mill - 1950's
Minonk News building
Minonk News Office in Pickard Building -
Minonk's oldest landmark - 500 block Chestnut St.
Minonk State bank building - 1950's
Minonk Bank building - early 1900's
Minonk State Bank interior - 1950's
Minonk State Bank - 1956
Minonk Telephone building - 1966
Minonk Theater - Oak Street
Old building on West Fifth Street
O.W. Smith studio
Pickard building - 1900's
Pickard building - East Fifth
Pickard building - 1950's
Pickard house - Sixth and Thomas Streets
Post Office - 1940's
Quality Oil Company
Presbyterian Churches 1867 and 1911
Royal Theater - West Fifth Street
Round house Illinois Central
Sanitary Bakery
Santa Fe depot - Sixth and Walnut Streets
Santa Fe depot - 1920's
Santa Fe depot - early 1900's
Santa Fe depot - late 1890's
Santa Fe elevator fire - 1947
Schlitz Opera House - Sixth and Chestnut Streets
St.Barbara's Polish Catholic Church
St. Patrick's Church interior
St. Patrick's school
D. L. Stimpert house
Stoddard house - Fourth and Maple
Sutton Building - Fifth and Oak - 1930's
Suttons Corner - Fifth and Oak - 1948
The old water tower -
The old water tower -
Unknown building
Walker Implement - 1950's
Water tower -
Water tower - first - 400 block of Washington Street
Water tower - 1909
Water works 1930's - 400 block of Washington Street
Webber House Hotel - 1888
Wolfe's Pharmacy - 1940's
Woodford Hotel - 500 block of Oak Street
Yocum's Cleaners - 1930's