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1942 piano recital class

This is a photo of the 1942 piano recital class under the tutelage of Mrs. Monahan. The picture was taken in front of Mrs. Monahan's house on East Fourth Street. Many of the students are unidentified. If anyone knows the unidentified students, please notify MinonkTalk and we will update the picture. Front row third from the left is Francis (Krull) Rivard. Second row left is Eileen (Krull) Sutter, Elaine Spires Smith, Georgejean Gibson, Edith Miles Young, Medora Mueller Zupansic, Babe (Danekas) McRell. Third row left is Don Uphoff, Harriet (Oncken) Titus, Amelia Budde Janssen, bro & sis. from Flanagan, Janssen?, unknown. Last row is Emily Danekas Ziveny, Mabel Fortman ?, Mrs. Monahan, 2 Gaede girls.